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Tim Schnacke
Hello out there! I'm Tim, a neutral voice in the world of bail reform and pretrial justice.
Hello out there! I'm Tim, a neutral voice in the world of bail reform and pretrial justice.

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Bail Insurance Companies Care Little About Bail
Lately I’ve been spending a
lot of effort on some big-time bail cases – one recent one even involved filing
a brief in the United States Supreme Court. But can you guess who’s not
involved in any of these cases? That’s right, the bail insurance companies.  ...

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PBUS in Atlanta!
The insurance-infested PBUS is sending their fearless leader to stand bravely on the courthouse steps and then watch oral argument in the big 11th Circuit case in Georgia! Time for a gut check: 1. Standing on the courthouse steps and watching oral argument ...

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Dear Bail Agents at PBUS:
This week you gather to talk
about pretrial release and detention, something your profession has cared about
since 1898, and the ancestors to your profession have cared about since 400
A.D. But you are at a crossroads, and I’m writing to give you a warning....

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A Big Case in Arizona
As much fun as I've been having with these other goofballs, I have to interrupt everything to say that today the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that one of the state's categorical "no bail" provisions was unlawful under the United States Constitution. It did s...

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Bail Insurance Companies Getting Into Fake News?
Man, I never thought I’d ever
use such a stupid term as “fake news,” and my dad knew Nixon.   But recently I’ve seen the
bail insurance company posts with all these stories about how horrible
everything is in New Jersey, and I noticed that they were all com...

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American Bail Coalition’s PR Problem
Well, you know when someone
has a public relations problem; it’s when they hire a big PR firm. ABC did that
recently, and now that firm is peddling ABC’s lobbyist, offering to bring him
all over the country for interviews about the horrible mess they call b...

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Those Disingenuous Bail Insurance Companies
If you look on the various
websites from the bail insurance companies, they’re full if “shocking” accounts
of so-called dangerous people being let out of jail in New Jersey, presumably in an
attempt to scare people away from bail reform. Of course, the insu...

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What Would MLK Say?
Leave it to the bail insurance
company lobbyists to spin a holiday like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  On Monday, ABC posted a nice little story
about a guy who once bailed out Martin Luther King. If you read the article, you’ll
see that King’s bail out was ...

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Wow, What a Week in Bail Reform!
This week there were six or seven big things happening in bail reform, and if I say they're big, they're really big. Some of them are behind the scenes, however, so I don't expect the bail insurance folks to even know about them. But a few of them aren't, a...

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One of the major bail insurance companies recently posted an article on Facebook from the Washington Post, which was titled, "In D.C. The Federal Government Gives Released Criminals Many Chances to Fail." Then, commenting on the story, the insurance company...
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