Welcome new Google+ users!

Experienced +ers, please share this to help out the newbies!

■ A wonderful Startup Guide to Google+ by +Saidur Hossain that has already been translated into 31 languages. This consists of 49 photos/slides that describe how to use the service. It has been shared more than 10,000 times on Google+. *http://bit.ly/oi7mFu*

Google Plus 101: How to Get Started (good blog post for beginngers by Rana Shahbaz): *http://bit.ly/q8awN0*

The Google+ Guide created collaboratively by users in Google Docs: *http://bit.ly/oTyxaq*

Millions of new users will be joining Google+ in the coming days. The doors are finally open. Google's home page invites everyone (over age 18) to try this service out. But for a new user, whether you have a "best thing since sliced bread" experience or a "ghost town" experience, depends on learning a few simple things and applying them.

Early Google+ users remember how fun it was to discover new features, shortcuts, and tips, and share them with each other. At one point, 120 users collaborated and compiled a Google doc that contained the best tips. There is a link to it below.

Here are some additional resources that about getting started on Google+. Some of them may be slightly out of date because Google+ is evolving and improving so quickly, but I've just reviewed them all to make sure they are still valuable - and they are. Hope they are helpful to you and all your new friends here.

■ The Complete Google+ Cheat Sheet: http://bit.ly/nKZABx

■ Smaller Cheatsheet for navigation and editing: http://on.mash.to/ppEyi5

■ Mashable's Complete Guide to Google+ (July 16): http://on.mash.to/omVWlV

+Craig Kanalley's 15 Tips for Newbies (July 13): http://huff.to/qorPyx

+Keith Barrett 10 Tips for Public Hangouts (Sept. 3): http://bit.ly/nu1Uv8

And finally, here is a run-down by Geek.com of the major updates that Google+ made to its hangouts yesterday: http://bit.ly/pKvP6H

More links to additional resources are provided by +Johnathan Chung at http://bit.ly/reF3GP.

Finally, if you try Google+ and feel skeptical at first, please follow +Tom Anderson who has the best posts nearly every day here on Google+, and also read this excellent article that he wrote for TheNextWeb entitled "How Google+ will succeed and why you'll use it whether you want to or not." http://tnw.co/nn7Uwn (Tom founded MySpace and as guru +Robert Scoble says, "he gets social at a level even I can't approach.")

Google+ is here to stay. It will be a permanent social layer on top of Google's other web properties which are already used by one billion people each month.

By investing a little time and effort to set up and organize your circles and to install Google+ apps on your smart phone, you will soon find that Google+ empowers you to personalize your stream and your sharing like never before.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Please add a comment below if I'm missing a very helpful resource for beginners.
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