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Parenting from the Inside Looking Out
“Are you crazy?” the perfectly coifed blond-haired mother with the Prada sunglasses exclaimed. “You can’t have French fries before you ride!” The mother gave me a conspiratorial roll of the eyes as the daughter cast her eyes downward. “I’ll have the Healthy...

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Making Mother's Day Special
“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” Somewhere
between childhood and motherhood, Mother’s Day surpassed even the holiest of holy
days. Cashiers at Kohl’s wish random women a Happy Mother’s Day a week in
advance. Billboard ads for 1-800-Flowers proclaim the virtues of...

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Why You Should Have That Third Child
“Can you believe your baby is turning 21 tomorrow?” the daughter proclaimed rhetorically in a phone call last night. “It is truly amazing,” I responded. And, my dear, you’ll never know just how amazing until you have a 21, 23 and 25 year-old of your own. To...

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I love my kid more than you love yours
“Slept two in a bed with Lana last night,” Madge messaged during our early-morning Words with Friends game. “Are you kidding me?” I responded. “My daughter would rather die than sleep in a bed with me. Especially a hospital bed. A single-sized hospital bed!...

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What Ever Happened to the Generation Gap?
  “Would you please remind my father to buy
Gov Ball tickets?” the daughter pleaded on a recent phone call. “You going again?” I asked, recalling last year when her soggy self conned the
father into driving to Randall’s Island to pick her and her friend Lin...

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The Randomness of Life
Of all the gin joints in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine. I often marvel at the randomness of life. Had I not made that last-minute pit stop at TV Guide magazine to drop off my resume, I would never have met my ever-loving spouse and wo...

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I don't want to be Joel Berry's Mother
I don’t want to be Joel Berry’s mother. Or Justin Jackson’s.
Nor, for that matter,   do I want to be
the mother of   De’Aaron Fox or Malik Monk. And it has nothing to do with their personalities, their prowess or the schools they chose to attend. Today, I’m...

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When I Die and they Lay Me to Rest
  “Planning my funeral,” my friend Patty (aka Penny) texted the other night. “I’m making a CD even though I’m sure there won’t be any CDs by the time I go. Keep this list for when I croak.” Among the perfectly appropriate songs she chose were The Long and W...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?
“I don’t know, Mom, I think the Mardi Gras magic’s got me,” the daughter said in a phone call between parades the other day. “I’m not sure I can leave.” We’ve been through this before.   A few weeks prior to leaving for the University of North Carolina, whe...

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On this day,
twenty-five years ago, my perfect pregnancy came to a screeching halt as my
first born was sliced out of my stomach after a failed attempt at a natural
birth. There had been no piñata whose insides revealed the sex of the baby. No pink
or blue ...
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