Putting the American Community Survey to use: Urban Institute's Children of Immigrants Database: http://datatool.urban.org/charts/datatool/pages.cfm?p=intro

The Urban Institute lets you put together tables showing the characteristics of the children of immigrants to the US. The American Community Survey does ask about citizenship status as well as where you were born. So, you may look at characteristics of children with parents who are/aren't citizens in general or you may look at data for children of parents who have immigrated from various regions around the world.

I had to try this once to see exactly what it generated - the labeling could be a little better - but it's a nice tool. It does a nice job of visualizing the demographic changes occurring in the US.

You can compare states and the nation to each other, you can also use the tool to compare characteristics of different parts of the US. So, for example, I compared the nation as a whole to Alabama (where I was born) to Minnesota (where I live now).

You can view tables, charts or both together onscreen or download PDF versions or export the data to Excel.

Nice tool. Thanks Urban Institute.
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