What's a new enterprise to do but reach out?

It's been a fun, rollercoaster ride in development, manufacture, marketing, export, tech support and business generally, for the last ~30 years. In between having fun and keeping everything working, I've amassed quite a bit of experience, so now I'd like to make that experience available to the people just starting out.

For instance, marketing your business, product or service isn't nearly as difficult to do as it might seem; it's well within the grasp of the new exporter, once they know what to do. The idea is this: teach the exporter to fish, and they'll be dining well for life - a very useful notion, forked cleanly from Free Software.

For another instance, where I am in rural Victoria (right out in the bush), there's not an awful lot outside the Ag world for young people coming through secondary school - so I'm looking at starting a co-operative enterprise that will manufacture and export. When it makes money, the members of the enterprise - including students - will share in the proceeds, at the same time as they're learning about all the facets of export business from design to delivery (and credit control!).

For yet another instance, I've got 30 years (the same 30 years. I can multi-task!) experience in putting adaptive technology into inclusive education, in particular getting skills into the hands of people who aren't usually included in the "Circle of Experts" - classroom teachers and classroom support people. I'll be roaming the halls of the regional education offices, offering to keep doing this for as long as anyone's in need of those skills.

Right now I'm on the prowl for customers - so if you know anyone who might be interested in any of this, point them at me!
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