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To every goal I have seen an end, but Your commandment is exceedingly broad.—Psalm 119:96
To every goal I have seen an end, but Your commandment is exceedingly broad.—Psalm 119:96

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check it out.

May the LORD be pleased to grant each of us abundant blessing as we apply ourselves to the diligent study of His Torah and discipleship to His Son. May this year be a time of great sweetness centered in the land, the people, and the Scriptures of Israel. I appreciate you all greatly. Grace and peace to you!

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Free book from FFOZ for Rosh HaShanah. Download now. May this be a sweet new year for you. May it be a year of learning and much spiritual growth. (Please share this with others)

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With all our new staff members here, in support of the Torah cycle transition, I have been going over the basics in our staff devotional time. I share with them this morning the four restorations of our mission ad FFOZ. Here is the list.

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even the box is beautiful.

my soul seems to be restored this morning--thank God!

I like R"Dauermann's way with words here is a comment he made about the DHE, "The scholarly touch is also evident in the Introduction to the Gospels as a whole provided in the book, and in the introductions provided for each gospel in turn. In all cases, homage is paid to rabbinic and Hebrew Christian scholars of the past, producing a document commendably free of the trendiness and superficiality which too often sells nowadays."

The London Jewish community in the area of Gardners Green is the friendliest Jewish community I have had the pleasure to observe and connect with. The atmosphere, the families, the shops, the general relaxed and friendly community is really nice.

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The office Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels wedsite is now live. Share this link with your friends.
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