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Good News from The Age of Ornan
Greetings again!   I come today with a somewhat late but
exciting post as things have been moving fast in the two weeks since I last
updated. The first thing to mention is that I plan on adding a new section to
my blog. I would like to post on a semi daily ...

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This week I have a post that is less
theological and more Age of Ornan/Domus-Lux focused. I just wanted to let you
folks know that the book is now in the design phase of publishing which is one
of the later stages. This has me and hopefully those who have a...

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How Close is Too Close Part 2
So last week I was talking about the
world and how far Christians should be removed from it. I said that this week I
was going to delve deeper into the practical applications of this though I will
admit up front that I am not expert in this area, but with t...

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The other day I was reading my favorite
devotional, Morning and Evening by C.
H. Spurgeon and I came across an interesting devotional. In it Spurgeon says   "Yes,"
says the world, "be spiritually minded by all means, but do not deny
yourself a little gay so...

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Back to the Blog/Ornan Update!
Greetings! And welcome once again to the Age of Ornan Blog! It’s been a while since I last posted. School and work have
had me busy! But I am very glad to say that I have finally graduated with a
masters in Theology! So with that my twenty years of educatio...

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Greetings! Today I am going to review the new film
God’s Not Dead! This movie is about a Christian who goes to university and is
challenged by his professor, who is an atheist, to defend the idea that God
exists. When I heard about this movie I was excited ...

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What Religious Educatio Does not Do
Religious Education Does Not:   Greetings and welcome once more to the Age of Ornan Blog! Today I would like to
talk about education as I am now about halfway through my final semester with
Liberty University. I would like to make several posts dealing with...

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So in my last blog/vlog I showed off my new
knife from Cold Steel, the True Flight Thrower! Just saying Amazon has better
prices than Ebay and I said that my knife throwing habit had a
way to tie into Domus-Lux and the Age of Ornan so here it...

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Greetings!   I know that I said my next blog/vlog was to be
on the connection between my throwing knives and my books but in light of the
recent controversy I have decided to post this and return to the knives next
time. As most of you know by now Phil Robe...

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Greetings!   Just posting to
let people know to check out me newest Vlog! I would write about it here but it
is one of those things that better to see than to read!
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