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I recently spent half an hour with yelp and my health insurance webpage open, looking for a GP with OK reviews not too far from me. Somebody should combine those two sites so this becomes simple.

Turbotax (and the IRS) do taxes exactly backwards. They present me with a million questions, so that I have to go dig up this or that, or click "No." Instead, they should let me tell them what I've got. Around this time of your everybody and their dog sends me various tax forms, which I collect in a pile on my desk. To do my taxes, I just want to input every form in that pile, and then be done with my taxes. There are probably some things that don't generate a tax form on my desk, and there could still be a big checklist at the end. But as it is it's just frustrating (especially when it asks me if I owned property in 2011, for the 3rd time).

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History, on YouTube.

New product idea: A scale that weighs your bed and anybody on it. You don't have to remember to step on the scale in the morning, or even look at the numbers any more frequently than you have to. The scale should easily be able to store several years worth of weight data. If two people use the bed that should be easily handled as well, as long as they don't always jump on/off at the exact same time. You can probably tell by the weight changes whether the people are sleeping or otherwise active. If things get out of hand, the scale could say "get a room!"
Simple implementation: 1 digital bathroom scale under each leg of the bed. Hack it open read the LCD signals.

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The USA should invade the USA and win the hearts and minds of the population by building roads, bridges, and putting locals to work.

On Wednesday Congress will be holding a hearing about a bill that could be used for wide-ranging censorship of Internet sites. For one thing, it would let the RIAA shut down web sites that they think are dedicated to piracy. Depending on your interpretation of the bill, YouTube would qualify.
Call your congress person if you want the Internet to keep working the way it does.

Got my first pinch flat today. Suck.

Finally made a good mortise and tenon today, using the router table. Coffee table project can go ahead again...
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