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Question for Game Control: Why "It's generally not a good idea to take payments at the time of the event." ?

According to "How to Host a BANG", it's better to take payment before the game than, say, at the first puzzle site. For the recent Hill Hunt BANG, we took cash on game day and it seemed easy-peasy. Now I wonder: What horrible problems did we blithely dodge in our ignorance?

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Checking in at the Palace of Fine Arts to do a ClueKeeper puzzle hunt. (@ Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA)

So... could a fellow score an Inbox invite? Am prepared to offer thanks and/or candy as appropriate.









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Grr, looks like webspammers hijacked the 2009 Google April Fools' prank site

I'd like to volunteer for DASH. I dunno which city, tho. Not NYC, LA, or St Louis (not that it's listed this year); all fine places, but I've already checked 'em off my list. Is there a city that's hurtin' for site monitors this year?

/attempts to summon Corin Anderson to the thread

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Nobody has Mesosmon readability :-(

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(Announcing Elevate Tutoring's Online Holiday Puzzle Hunt)

Twill be the night before Christmas and all through your home
You and yours may be solving, because of this poem

Puzzles will be posted? Who can partake?
Everyone! It's the holidays for goodness sake!

Oh the fun to be had - how many will there be?
Four, if you must know, a meta and three

These lines do rhyme, but do they also advise?
Of course they do, friend, they hold the key to the prize.

You say there'll be puzzles - but how do we play?
Simply solve this and wait - they'll be on the way.

Other puzzles to come? When will they be released?
Noon, PT on Christmas Eve - that's 3pm in the east.

I may be a bit busy - how long can I wait?
Start right away or after you've cleaned your last plate!

Logging when you start and when you finish each one
Allows you to wait until you have time for some fun.

Now is there someone to thank for these puzzles you bring?
Definitely thank Elevate Tutoring

With money and training, Elevate helps indeed
Investing in the futures of students in need!

They train students to be tutors who practice their new path
Helping underprivileged others in science and math

Right on! I'm in. So, what is the price?
Up to you and your family - can you afford to be nice?

Donations to Elevate would be ever so kind
Our tutors work hard and this helps train their mind

Lo and behold, we are done - I assure you we're through
Please forgive that last rhyme and solve the pre-clue

Happy Holidays!

PS After you get the one-word answer from above, insert it into <answer> below and go to the web page:<answer>.html

PPS This poem (and hints that you won't need) can be found at:

Folks at work want to revamp new-hire training classes to all be named "Life of a This" "Life of a That". I didn't encourage it, I swearz. Just some kind of universal force that attracts nerds to that naming convention.
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