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A new toy but it's not mine.
My old friend Mario Torrisi who lives his job at the weather bureau in Townsville asked if I could host a weather station and after agreeing to it a fancy big carton arrived in the mail a few days later. Of course I had to get some aches from that car job o...

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A pink heart.
I spotted this on the wall to our wash house today, Olivia must like something. That timing belt job is finished but it reinforced why I prefer smaller vehicles and bikes.

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A much tougher job than expected.
I figured quite a while ago that Lorna should get the timing belt changed on her Nissan Pathfinder, checking online led me to believe it was a pretty simple job so I volunteered to do it for her. Then I discovered that it's a vastly more difficult job than ...

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You get what you pay for I suppose but this cheap watch that I've had for a reasonable while now is showing its age, maybe I should replace it so Olivia has a dressier Jimby to accompany her. It gets harder to find a watch too as I've aged, I need to be abl...

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I hope it survives.
We transplanted this tree from a pot that Olivia has nurtured for a while, now we hope it thrives in a natural environment.

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Another filling falls out.
While eating a Chiko roll last night another whacking great filling fell out but at least I heard on Wednesday night that Ingham once again has a public dentist in town, and since I was advised some time ago that my time had come up on the waiting list but ...

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Only one day late.
My seniors card arrived yesterday which made me very pleased even though I have no plans to ever use it, to me it's just a badge of honour.

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A real birthday surprise today.
I received a lovely 60 card today in the mail from my Auntie Shirley and Uncle Ken, great timing, unlike that seniors card I'm waiting for.

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A damp anniversary.
It would have been our 20th wedding anniversary today so I gave Grace a change of flowers. I had to dodge the rain to do it and worse was that after one more photo the rest of my shots were file error jobs that this otherwise wonderful Samsung sometimes mak...

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Sad news.
I've just heard that my Auntie Beth has died. After a bit of a search I finally found a photo I took of her in 2005, here she stands beside husband Ken who is my Father's brother. Beth was a very upright and decent woman.
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