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Congratulations to Eric Schwitzgebel, whose story The Dauphin's Metaphysics from The Journal of Unlikely Academia has been translated into Hungarian and reprinted in the current issue of Galaktika.

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At long last, Unlikely Story 12.5: The Journal of Unlikely Observances is here! Come celebrate April Fools Day with July.

Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix is finally here!

Our final author interview for Unlikely Academia is live! Rose Lemberg discusses her story, The Shapes of Us, Translucent to Your Eye.

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Our latest author interview is live! Abra Staffin-Wiebe talks about subverting the mystical pregnancy trope and her fondness for cheerful horror.

We've posted another unlikely author interview. Eric Schwitzgebel discusses philosophy, the idea of uploading consciousness, and where he sees his characters in twenty years.

Our latest unlikely author interview is up on our blog. E. Saxey talks about freedom of information, magic libraries, and working with nuns.

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A nice review of Unlikely Story #12: The Journal of Unlikely Academia from Locus Online. Congratulations to all our authors, particularly Julia August and Eric Schwitzgebel, whose stories earned a 'recommended' rating.

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Our latest Unlikely Author Interview is up on our blog. Sean Robinson discusses minotaurs, fairy tales, and fire-breathing.

The first of our Unlikely Academia author interviews is available on our blog. +Nicolette Barischoff talks about her story, magical schools, what the future holds for her characters, and her other upcoming projects.
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