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QRP To The Field

Mark your calendar for April 21 for this year's edition of QRP To The Field. This year will repeat last year's theme of "A River Runs Through It", so you'll want to find a river or stream where you can operate. Details and rules are at the link.

72, Jim - K0RGI

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QRP-ARCI Spring Thaw SSB Shootout

Just noticed this on QRP-L. This Saturday, take your microphone out to the field for some QRP fun! Details and rules are at the link.

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Greg N4KGL posted about HamAlert and it looks like a great way to be notified of RBN and other activity for stations of interest to you, whether at home or in the field. Check it out!

72, Jim - K0RGI

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2018 Freeze Your B__ Off Sprint Update

This just in from a post on the QRP-TECH Yahoo Group (and probably others). I'm copying it verbatim along with the link to the contest rules as you'll notice the mention of a few rules changes this year.

72, Jim - K0RGI


Just under 2 weeks to go before FYBO, February 3rd, first Saturday in

Some changes to the rules this year to make it a bit easier to count
contacts and get your logs posted!

A HUGE Thank You goes out to W8DIZ for his effort to put web based logging
into play for many of the QRP events including our FYBO event. The logger
has been tested and looks like a winner. Want to give it a try before the
event? Check out this link and see how you like it.

So, get those batteries on charge, check the gear out and lets have some
fun in the outdoors!

This year NQ7RP and maybe NQ7RP/5 will both be active and it can double
your chances of getting the bonus points for your score!

I'll be manning the NQ7RP station (probably at White Tanks Park) with my
trusty KX3, a DSW40, Maybe a DSW20 or my QCX20 and play with the gear a bit
to see how it all compares.

After selling off my Kenwood TS2000 to get my Flex6300, I ended up missing
the VHF/UHF capability and found another one but this one is an X model so
now I have 1.2Ghz. I may even take it to the park just because. It doesn't
draw much more than the KX3 in RX and does 5W just fine.

Antennas are still up in the air, (pun intended) but most likely will be a
40 or 80 M end fed or just the PAR triband end fed. If I have the means to
make it happen I might use my Tripod and a full size 1/4 wave whip for 20M.

If anyone would like to join me and get some on the air time, please feel
free to come on out! I usually bring enough food for a small army just in

You can Google "White Tanks Recreation Area and Park" and it will give you
info about the Park and how to get there. I should be back in AREA 4 just
to the right hand side of the restrooms. Nice ramadas for shade (and yes
you sometimes need that in Arizona in the Winter).

Hope to hear you all on the AIR!

Best 72, 73

Mike Baker K7DD

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2018 Freeze Your B__ Off Sprint

Nothing is posted yet on the Arizona Scorpions web site, but the WA7BNM Contest Calendar shows this event coming up on February 3. If you haven't become completely sick of the cold weather by then, you'll be interested in this one. It usually runs from 1400Z - 2400Z. Plenty of time to freeze off any body parts you wish - let's be careful out there!

The link is to the Arizona Scorpions main page - keep an eye out for any announcements they may make. Past years' rules are available and generally don't change much - if at all - from year to year.

72, Jim - K0RGI

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New Years Day Sprint

Looking to start off the New Year with an outdoor 3 hour sprint? QRP -ARCI's New Years Day Sprint might be just your ticket. Plus, this is one of their contests where you get bonus points for operating portable using battery power and a temporary antenna.

So, if you live in a part of the country where the weather is still conducive to field operations, you might give this a shot. Plus you'll only miss the first hour or so of the bowl games. Plenty of time left to get your fill of college football. Details are at the link.

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I think most of us are familiar with bakelite, especially pertaining to its use in electronic components. I always remember the smell of hot bakelite in old tube gear. What I didn't know was that it was the invention of a single man - Leo Baekeland. This article gives some background on him and his invention and discusses a documentary film that has been shown around the world. Interesting stuff while we wait for spring to arrive and begin the outdoor operating season.

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Looking for a group field activity for your club? Here's a great example of a motivated team in action. Nice job guys!

Post has attachment Fall Operating Event

If you're looking for a 24 hour outdoor operating event this fall, look no further. Using the same basic rules as the ARRL Field Day, mark your calendars for the weekend of October 22-23. Details and rules are at the link.

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QRP Afield

Sorry for the short notice - this just appeared on the QRP-L list. Mark your calendars for this Saturday and enjoy one of the longest-running QRP field events around. The recent solar storms seem to have perked up propagation, so don't miss this opportunity! Details are at the link.
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