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Since you all did such wonderful final reflections, I felt it was only fair for me to, too! First of all, thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm and effort throughout the past four weeks. I know that your days are a busy bundle of crazy (and that's putting it lightly...) so the fact that you all put forth such effort and energy into this online community is incredible!

I learned so much from all of you... the shared Google documents are going right into my OWP toolbox for use in future PD sessions, I promise you! And the honest discussions of your successes and struggles made this feel like an authentic learning community... I felt like we were all in one digital teacher's lounge, swapping ideas, supporting each other, and praying that the bell wouldn't ring before we wolfed down the other half of that sandwich. My favorite room is a room full of teachers. Thanks for being in this "room" with me! 

Overall, I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you and what you do. You do a darn hard job every day, a job that most people fail to understand or appreciate, and a job that is absolutely critical to the future of the world. Thank you for doing this job despite the numerous struggles, setbacks, and difficulties it poses. As a mother, thank you on behalf of each and every parent who puts their absolute trust in you each day. You treat our most precious possessions with respect, kindness, and patience, even when it's hard (and man, is it hard some days!). 

Basically, you all rock. A lot. Thanks for doing what you do and continuing to rock on! 

If you want to continue conversing, I believe this google community will stay viable even at the end of this course. You can also always email me at

Thanks again and best wishes as you go bravely forth into your classrooms! (Thanksgiving break is coming soon... ;) 

Just a reminder... please let me know if you are planning to do the Google Hangout or Final Reflection One-Pager for your last assignment. All info is in my earlier post for this week. 

Thus far, these folks have opted for the Final Reflection: Anita, Meredith, Seth, Michele, Trish

Still need to hear from: Alex, Beth T, Beth W

Thank you!!

Almost there! We have one final week of class! Thank you all so much for your active, thoughtful participation in this community. I've absolutely LOVED getting to know you and hearing your ideas. What lucky students you have to have teachers like you! 

For your last assignment, you have TWO OPTIONS: 

1. GOOGLE HANGOUT - You can participate in a Google hangout (video call) on THURSDAY, NOV 12 at 8:00pm. We will chat, maybe watch a video or read something together, and just do some teacher good old-fashioned teacher talk. The call will last 30-45 minutes, depending on how chatty we are! 

2. If you can't make the hangout, you can do a FINAL REFLECTION in writing. You can write this in the Week 4 or Final Reflections tab. Ideas for what you could write about in a reflection:

- In your classroom: what worked, why it worked, what failed
- Using Google community: pros and cons of this format 
- Any other thoughtful, professional reflection
***Reflections should be about one-page in length.

Please let me know in the comments below which option you are choosing so I know who to invite to the google hangout on Thursday. 

Again, it's been a pleasure!

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Week 3 Assignment! You may be sensing a pattern here... ;) 

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Week Two Assignment - hopefully this video works! 

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Hey, I think I figured out how to add a video! Sweet!

Hi everyone! My name is Rose Lounsbury and I'm so excited to be leading this online class! I think there is nothing more productive than smart conversations among teachers and I'm excited to see how we all grow and gain from being part of this community. 

(Note: I am going to try to figure out how to record a video of this introduction, but in the event that fails, good old-fashioned typing will have to do. If you want to record a video of yourself instead of typing, please feel free!)

My background is in teaching middle school. I have taught 7th grade Language Arts in the Dayton area for a total of seven years -- four years at Northmont Middle School and three years at West Carrollton Middle School. I love the energy of middle school students and teachers! I'm currently on a bit of a break from the full-time classroom to have more flexibility for my family (I have spunky 6-year-old triplets who just started kindergarten), explore some side passions (I recently started a professional organizing business), and be more involved with OWP, of course! 

I completed my MAT through OWP in 2008 and focused my master's research on creating a student-centered classroom. My research was very challenging for me (I think I tend to be a bit of a control freak... note: organizing business...) but I loved my research year because it pushed me and dramatically changed my classroom. I couldn't believe how much more my students learned when I took a step back and very consciously put them at the center of the learning. So my challenge to all of you is to try something that scares you a bit... go out of your comfort zone and see what happens. You just might be surprised... 

Since completing my MAT, I've been involved with teaching different OWP classes and workshops and facilitating professional development sessions. 

I'm very excited to hear what you are all interested in exploring in your own classrooms. (Again... consider trying something that scares you just a little bit! This is the perfect opportunity to be brave. You have the support of fellow teachers by your side... strength in numbers!) I love that this class allows you to pursue your own interests and try something new. That is the best kind of learning! 

I look forward to supporting you and learning with you as you try new ideas, tweak existing ones, and celebrate those successes in your classroom. What a gift you are giving your students by being part of this class! Welcome!  

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Think you can't teach your kids to let go of stuff? Think again! 
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I'm already worried about the Christmas clutter crush... are you? Read my blog to learn how I plan to fight it! 
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