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Wanna come?

Join me for an all-expenses paid trip here to New Zealand to take photos for a week and join my photo adventure workshop! Yes, flights and all. This contest is available all around the world and anyone can win. I'll give you three steps here and tell you how it works. And if you don't win that one, maybe you'll win a chance to come see +Hans Zimmer in concert with me in the best seats in the house amidst 40,000 fans in Frankfurt, Germany's Commerzbank-Arena. Two great prizes there, both celebrating these 10 Photo Walks I'm doing across Europe in 10 great cities. Join me for these free events!

What do you do to enter?

First, if you think any of this sounds cool, tell your friends! We have more about the photo contest at

Second, on that site, you can see links to all the contests and more along the top! I said two great prizes… not quite accurate as there are actually more!

Third, and this is not a requirement, but a fun thing - if you’re in the area, RSVP to one of our free photo walks coming up in Europe. You’ll also see links to all 10 events at the site above.

Good luck, and I hope you win! You’ll be on a shiny new Air New Zealand bird, heading here to Queenstown for a week of some of the most insanely beautiful scenery in the world. I’ll show you all my secret spots and you’ll have a great time at our workshop… stay in a beautiful hotel, have great food and wine, take photo walks all through the southern alps, and meet my dog Blueberry (a real highlight hehe!). Anyway, I’m packing my bags now to come to Europe for 40 days for these photo walks (spending 4 days in each city as our bus of merry traveling artists weave our way from Lisbon to Barcelona to Milan to Paris to London to Amsterdam to Berlin to Vienna to Budapest, then jumping on a plane to end the tour in Moscow) - sound exhausting eh? Okay gonna take a nap now while my camera batteries charge.

See you all soon, and best of luck again on the contest. We thought it would be a fun way to get the whole world involved even if you can join me in Europe.

+The Ritz-Carlton, +Air New Zealand, +FlixBus GmbH

#80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZ #InterFlixContest

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Los tomates de Extremadura en forma de jabón, aceite esencial y serun. Belleza natural para tu piel atopica, linea para ella, linea para él.

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Nos guste o no el sol forma parte de nuestra vida, hay que protegerse de sus efectos nocivos para gozar plenamente de sus bondades.
Lo mejor, sin filtros químicos y la verdad, estamos de enhorabuena ya que cada vez son más los que cumplen con este consejo de los Dermatologos.

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Pues eso... Personalmente no me fio.

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Enrique Angulo, pinta un lienzo con verdes y ocres jugando con buena música.

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