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Reddit user biophilia curiosis of Operation Wallacea ( spotted this specimen in Buton, Indonesia.

"While participating in a herpetology study we stumbled across this female laying eggs in a nest. She was found in the Lambsuango Forest reserve and was immediately released after this photograph was taken."

The species may be related to Draco volans.
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Isn't she just!

Wonder what Castles and Treasures she'll be protecting when she grows up?
In Australia we have Frillneck lizards , that look weird also....
It'd be cool if it did breath fire. You could use one as a living lighter.
As various comedians have observed, it's a wonder Australians survive to adulthood.
And since our entire population live on cattle farms we obviously know all about how to deal with reptiles...
this is not dragon this is glider lizard
Its in my country, but I do not have a clue about it. Shame on me.....
I encountered one of these here in Singapore while working but I think it had some red-colored skin/flaps below it's neck too. That was about 2/3 weeks ago and it was one hell of a beautiful creature.
Oh +Batman Tamu that sounds like it would have been amazing!! Shame you didn't take some happy snaps.

I think the world needs to see more of these stunning creatures!
But this thing glides, no flying. You can see by the way the wings are formed and attached. They are not made for flapping. Also no burn marks on the persons fingers or grass which means no fire breathing. Just saying.
They are very common in our India...........
Yeah +Trindy Oakley it's a shame. I was working so I couldn't I just taunted it for a moment- it spread it's wings totally beautiful then i guess it reckoned that it's of no use lol and put 'em back. I carefully picked it up and put it in the bearby bush :)
זה מזוייף דיברתי עם אמא שלי והיא אמרה לי שלפי תיסמונת ה אי 500 זה חלא אמיתי כי אין לחיות כמו לטאה קטנה להפוך חחרא
+Leon Thom "... no fire breathing" - yet. A baby dragon that size could probably barely toast a marshmallow.
Wow! I didn't know they had "wings". I know they aren't wings, but I didn't know what to call them.
The mother of the future dragons
it is so cute and looking awesome... i like this !!!!!!!!!
Lin Lin
wow! after a long time..... that's certainly great! they shouldn't become extinct so we have to save them
so why didn't you take a DNA sample...
i would have if they allowed me o'er there.. and make them breed an dincrease the population... ha ha
in my Village that animal it called Sayapan. it like wizard that live on the trees
I knew this day would come! Everything in Skyrim is 1oo% justified
I would love to get out and see these wonders for myself but I have to stay here and bale the banks out!
She looks very cute !!!! Just wish I could see this .............
How far can it spit flame?
What I want to know, is can it breathe fire ;)
I cant believe it!!! What? are dragon still alive nowaday, tommorow and forever>>???

I live in indonesia but never know that we have amazing fauna.
This is so cool! It really look like a miniature dragon
can they really fly?..
Dragons be real, though smaller than I expected.
I am so excited. Here we have proof of actual dragons.
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