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Postings for Rails developers.
Postings for Rails developers.

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Paavo Leinonen added Guard as an option for continuous testing when using Rails Apps Composer. He describes his development environment, explains why Guard is useful, and how the Rails Apps Composer gem saves time building applications.

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Getting Started with Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0 Beta

Up-to-date, detailed instructions about installing the newest release of Ruby and Rails.

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I've launched the RailsApps Tutorials site to support the RailsApps open source project. The aim is more example applications, updated regularly, and more tutorials.

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New versions of Ruby, Rails, and Rake out today. See the "Installing Rails" guide to update all items.

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Rails Subscription Site with Stripe: Tutorial and Example Application

Announcing a new example app. Use it to build a SaaS or membership site.

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Unholy Rails: External Scripts, jQuery Plugins, and Page-Specific JavaScript

A new article from the RailsApps project explains what to do when your application is not wholly Rails.

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Do you code Seattle-style?

What's New in Bundler 1.2

This version lets you specify a Ruby version (such as “1.9.3”) as well as a Ruby engine (such as “jruby”) in your Gemfile. Specifying a Ruby version is required if you plan to deploy to Heroku. It also helps rvm switch to the right Ruby version. And it prevents people from running your code with the wrong version of Ruby.

I've updated two of my articles to point out the need to update Bundler:

What’s New in Rails Apps Composer

Rapid progress beyond version 2.0. It's the gem that gives you a tool to assemble a Rails starter application from a collection of recipes.

Rails Apps Composer 2.0 is out:

The Rails Apps Composer gem gives you a tool to assemble a Rails application from a collection of recipes. Use it to generate Rails starter apps. If you build Rails applications that use popular gems or add features such as authentication, you'll save time with the rails_apps_composer gem. Plus you'll benefit from the collaborative problem-solving of Rails developers who face the same challenges.

Guide to the Rails Apps Composer Gem:
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