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M Soloman

I just ran a heist one shot for my group and we had a blast. However one rule tripped us up.
They chose to pull an infiltration job, so there was a lot of prowling. Likely they had a lurk to take point on these stealthy moves. But when she took that lead the group action, we got confused. The rules say when they take that action, each character rolls for the action and the group takes the highest result. The first problem we saw was that some of the characters had no traits in prowl, so they had zero dice to roll. I figure that means that the lurk would have to just take a stress for each of them to cover for their foybles, but that was not clear in the rules. The second problem we saw was that there was no reason the lurk needed to lead the prowl action. In fact a character with no prowl traits would be just as good at leading it since the lurk would also get to roll and just wouldn't have to take stess. This seems counter intuitive to me. Logically I imagine that the most skilled character would lead group actions in a check and that would be re-enforced by a bonus to the group. The second time the lurk lead a team prowl I just had each character use the lurks prowl trait. I know that is probably a bit much, but it felt better to the players than the first roll.
So, how is this intended to work? Did we miss something? How can it work better? I would appreciate any insights you guys have. Thank you.
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