The difference between finding a job and creating one

There is a difference between finding a job and creating a job. To search for a job presumes a world where you don’t have the control, autonomy or power to create a job for yourself.

Creating a job is what entrepreneurs do. They look for a need in the world; a job that needs doing; and they start doing it. Instead of looking for an employer, they look for customers.

Within a large company it’s often possible to create a job for yourself rather than seeking employment. It will, however, require a few changes in attitude and approach:

First, you must at some level be willing to put your job at risk. You can’t be an entrepreneur without facing that fundamental fact. Without risk there is no reward.

Second, you must stop thinking of your company as a control system and start thinking of it as a platform. Stop thinking about the job and the paycheck and start thinking about the company as a platform filled with customers and all the resources and equipment you need to serve those customers.

With this mindset you can start to develop a business within the business that provides services to other people and groups. If you follow your instincts, find your customers, and develop a deep understanding and empathy for their needs, you may find that you are creating a lot more value with your new “business” than you did in your old “job.” People are pretty good at recognizing a good thing when they see it. You may find that opportunities open up that were invisible to you before, like a new department, a new job role or a promotion.

And if you happen to be in a company that doesn’t appreciate your efforts, your time wasn’t wasted, because you will have developed the skills and perception to start a new business elsewhere, either on your own or within another company.

If you can’t make it happen in the company you work in today, don’t waste your time there just to collect a paycheck once a week or once a month. It doesn’t matter how big your company is. Big does not equal safe. If your company doesn’t support initiative and entrepreneurship, your job is going to go away anyway because the company’s culture will eventually cause it to fail. It’s only a matter of time.

So if that’s your situation, get out there and start looking for your next thing today. Life is too short for that, and the world is too full of opportunities, to waste time counting the hours in a place where your efforts are not appreciated.

This is for you, +Jason Perry
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