Where plus-add can go

One thing I've really been enjoying here on Google plus is the plus-add feature. For those who are new to G+ , plus-add is the way people refer to others, like the @ mention on Twitter where you refer to someone in a way that is linkable.

When I first saw a plus-mention I thought "how cool is that! I want to do that." It looks like magic. The funny thing is that it's so simple and easy to do -- just put a "+" before someone's name and start typing and you have added them to the post. A plus-mention looks like this: +Dave Malouf. (Note, this doesn't work on iPads or iPhones yet, which confused me because I tried it there first).

So where can Google take this?

Plus-add seems pretty simple, and it is simple. It is a simple, intuitive interface for pointing to people. Like +Evan Williams's original Blogger, it makes something that was previously complex, something that seemed like it was just for coders, work simply and easily for everyone. And for a lot of people, adding a hypertext link is still not simple! But even for people like me, who do it all the time, it's still far too complicated.

So G+ has made it super-easy and intuitive for pointing to people. But it shouldn't end there. Plus-add can be used to point to anything that's linkable. For example, imagine the following:

Companies: When you mention a company, you can plus-add their home page (or their G+ page which I'm sure is coming soon :).

Products: Imagine you could plus-add a favorite product or service. In recent G+ posts, for example, I would have loved to plus-add the +EEE note digital sketchbook: http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_Note/Eee_Note_EA800/ or the Meshuggah cafe: http://www.meshuggahcafe.com/ (see how much clunkier that is?)

Think of the advantages both for you and for the products and companies you are most engaged with. Plus-adding something you like forms a connection.

Perhaps G+ could automatically add your plus-mentions to a "muted circle" so you could retain the connection without opening yourself up to spam from those companies. But if you wanted to, you could go to your "Plus-add" circle and read news and offers from the companies you are most interested in and engaged with.

Any web page: Imagine you had the ability to plus-add anything that's linkable: a web page, a blog post, a product page, a review. Chances are that if you link to something once, you probably want to remember it and may want to link to it again someday. So when you plus-add something you would not only be linking to it but automatically bookmarking it, so it would be easier to find later.

This plus-add capability is something Google could do because of its expertise in search. Google knows what we search for, so it knows what we like. This extended plus-add capability is really just an extension of search, that automatically remembers the things you have selected out for special attention and makes them easier to link to in the future.

This functionality doesn't have to live only within G+. Imagine that Google offers plus-add as a browser plug-in or extension, so you could plus-add people, pages and things from any web page?

Parts of pages: Imagine if you could highlight just a sentence or paragraph on a web page and add it to your "Plus-add circle" so you could find it or link to it later. This might simply be a cached version of the page with the passage highlighted.

The idea behind this is that G+ could help you manage your "favorite things" -- everything linkable that you like. There's no question in my mind that this would add value to a lot of connections and relationships, in a lot of ways. It would help us all move away from transactions and toward relationships.

I've been posting a lot about G+ lately. I guess I'm pretty excited about it. I would love to hear any thoughts you have on this topic! Agree or disagree? Other thoughts?

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