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A simple UI fix

The attached image shows a simple UI change that could fix the "public circles issue"(every post shared with "public" automatically goes to all your circles). It first came up when my dad +Dr. John Gray objected to getting all my public posts, when all he really wants is my family-related stuff.

Many people want to share things with a limited group, but at the same time they don't want to restrict people from sharing them, pointing to them or linking to them. At the moment the only way to make a post public is by sharing to the public circle, which automatically spams all your contacts. A number of people, especially tech bloggers like MySpace founder +Tom Anderson have this issue: they want to post a lot of things to the public but don't want to spam friends and family.

I first articulated this issue in Sharing universe (

and my dad (who is a computer engineer and has designed and implemented complex software control systems) came up with what I think is an elegant solution: make "public" "just another circle" instead of a circle that includes all other circles.

That thread can be found here:

This is my suggestion for a UI that could offer an easy fix.

cc +Charles Warren
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