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OK, I have a problem. I dropped my S8, broke it, so I had to replace my phone. Now, I'm trying to reinstall Swift for Samsung (the black theme), and I'm getting the error "This copy of Swift for Samsung S8 is not licensed!" I originally paid for Swift Black, and when the authors provided Swift for Samsung S8 for free to Swift Black owners, I downloaded it, so yes, I did get the theme legally. How do I fix this error?

Anyone else getting crashes when using Samsung Internet with the Swift for Samsung Black theme? Happens when I try to open the upper-right hamburger menu.

I'm finding that the Google App (that shows the search screen, and also drives Google Assistant) is resisting theming. I've tried re-installing the Swift for Samsung black overlay, and rebooting. I've verified the version, I've tried killing Google in the apps menu in Settings. And nothing's working. The fucking thing is blinding me with black text on a white background. How do I fix it?

Feature request: Can we get an overlay for OneNote? I'd think that being a part of MS Office, it wouldn't be too far removed from the overlay for Outlook.

Thanks for all the hard work! I love having the Swift Black theme on my S8.

Currently running Swift Black for Samsung S8, I've got an issue where the Google app, be it running stand-alone, or as Google Now, displays everything in all-caps.

Is there any way to fix this?

Periodically, I'm finding the theming for Google stops working, resulting in Google Now and Google Assistant reverting to its default white theme. Is there any way to fix this? Reinstalling the Google theme app in Substratum can temporarily fix this.

Noticed a glitch with the new beta: when I turn my phone (Nexus 6) sideways and Nova Launcher flips to landscape mode, the notification bar turns red.

Sync is so badly broken right now. A bunch of my logged workout stuff just disappeared off the cloud, completely off the face of the earth. I had a combination of walking, biking and weightlifting data, which had my calorie count for the day over 2000. I was doing a lot of working out yesterday, so I'm certain it was over 2,000.

I checked it this morning, and it shows 1633 on my phone, and 834 on the web interface. WTF? How are users supposed to count on this software, when the data it gives back to the users is this badly wrong?

Fit's cloud-sync has been broken and brain-damaged for weeks. When is it going to be fixed?

And yes, I have the newest GPS, version 7.5.74.

When is this app going to become reliable?

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Another feature request. For those who are losing weight, it would be cool to have the weight graph show an exponentially smoothed 7-day moving average, sort of like what's used in the Hacker's Diet. The app Libra Weight Manager ( ) implements this. This will help those who have to deal with weight-loss stalls and fluctuations due to water-weight.
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