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Real estate email marketing

Emails have made it very easy for real estate agents to reach a large amount of people, and it has become a very common part of their business. Emails can be a tricky venture for anyone in any business, not because it is a complicated task, but because there are many things to keep in mind if you want to do it correct and effectively. The simple steps to performing a successful email campaign can be broken down into: 1. how you get the emails, 2. how you decide what to put in the emails, 3. how you go about sending the emails.
Capturing emails- There are many avenues to get ahold of potential client’s emails. A pop-up box on your website or blog where visitors can sign up is great because then you know that they want to hear from you. You can also gather emails when going door to door to talk to home owners in the neighborhood and offer to send them useful information. You can use past clients in an email referral program and ask for them to provide the emails of people who they know that might be interested in your services. Some even opt for buying large email lists of people in a specific area. Whatever mix you use to capture emails, get creative so that people will be interested in receiving your email.
Constructing emails- This is probably the most crucial step in an email campaign. One common mistake is that agents will send just a regular ad to their whole list, and they may do it once a month, or multiple times a month. If this is all that you are doing, eventually people on your list are going to stop opening your emails. There needs to be a good mix of useful information, interesting content, and different types of offers to keep people engaging with your emails. If they don’t interact with your emails, then you have lost their interest, and potentially their business. You also want to have a good design that looks professional and helps portray the overall message you are trying to send. Stay consistent so that your brand is recognizable but do not let it become boring. Switch things up every now and then so that it keeps them looking for what you are going to send next.
Sending emails- This is the easiest of the three steps because there is a host of different email services that can handle your lists and send the different campaigns you run. You just have to find the right one that suits your needs best. Some even have templates that you can build your emails in making it easier for you. Make sure to check the reviews on the service and other details such as how large your list can be, how lists or emails are uploaded, and always test what their emails will look like in different email providers.

Once everything is in order you are ready to start planning your campaigns. Remember to keep things interesting for the people on your lists. Email marketing is something that must always be worked on and fine-tuned to be as effective as possible.

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Posting compelling blog content

Blogs can be found all over the internet and can serve many different purposes. Most business have one, some use them as a personal website, and others see it as a medium to publish their thoughts and entertain readers. They have proven to be a very effective tool for real estate agents in particular, and have much to offer their clients.
Sometimes, real estate blogs can be misunderstood, in that they have a lot more potential to benefit an agent, and some do not know in what ways to utilize them to their fullest extent. Many are told that you are supposed to publish listings on them, and maybe industry numbers or once in a while an interesting news article having to do with the housing market. These are all great things to have on a blog but this is not the only types of content that an agent can publish.
First, what is the purpose of a blog? Well honestly a blog can have many purposes, but just to get right into it, a blog for a real estate agent should have some general goals:
a) Give yourself credibility

b) Client leads

c) Helping boost your site’s SEO

Let’s deal with your credibility. A blogging platform allows you to publish articles, photos, information, links, eBooks, and all sorts of other types of content. As you begin to build up content that is both relevant and interesting, there will be people that will look to your blog for information. Eventually, if you do well enough, you will become a recognizable voice in your industry or market area. Readers will realize that you know your stuff, and will gain their trust.
BY gaining credibility, you automatically step into the next goal which is leads. At the end of the day, turning someone into a lead is what you want from your online presence; getting leads and making them into clients. Now that you’ve made your blog into a credible resource for many people, they will begin to look to you for information, you now have an opportunity reach out and get in touch with them. They know that if they have questions about buying or selling a house, they can come to you.
Finally, your blog is going to help further optimize your website. If you want your site to rank high in a google search, your blog content is going to be a big factor in determining that. By posting great content that your readers interact with, Google looks at that and it sees a site that is worth visiting and will put it higher in its searches for terms relating to real estate and other keywords. This way you have a greater chance of new clients finding your website and converting them into sales. 
As you can see, all of these goals weave and work together to help your business to grow. The main thing is that if you are going to have a blog (and you should), then utilize it to its fullest potential.

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Real estate branding in your market area

Real Estate branding is no simple task. Some believe all you have to do is put your face on a billboard and wrap your car with your logo and everyone is going to know you. Well, I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t work like that. Branding for any company takes time and effort, trying to get your image and message out to your market. You want your brand to be recognizable and trusted by those that become familiar with it. You can always go with the regular branding like mailers, flyers, pamphlets, and other things of this sort, but if you really want your brand to stand out, throw in some creative ideas as well.
What you can do:

Door to Door-Take time to walk the neighborhoods of your market. They need to see your face time and time again so that they can become familiar with you and what you do. Leave your flyers or business cars and talk to them about the market. You can even offer them resources that are good materials for home owners. If you want to get really creative then drop off cards and maybe small gifts for the holidays. 
Community events- If there is a city concert, or event in town then get involved. Have a booth that sales snacks or does games with prizes at the next school carnival. Keep your eyes open for any other opportunities in your area, like a local firework show for Independence Day. You want to become a recurring part of these events where people expect to see you there. They are great casual events to strike up conversations and build relationships.
School activities- Schools have many activities such as sports, plays, rallies, etc. If you are the first one to step up and become a part of these events, you can become a sponsor or a main contributor to these activities. The school board and administrators will begin to know you and you can make connections with them and the families in your community. If you do it long enough, the children of these parents are going to grow up knowing you and may come to you when they are looking to buy their first house.
Marketing material-As you begin to engage in these activities, and the community familiarizes itself with you, remember to include your logo and image on all marketing material at these events. Most don’t have a problem with doing this, but it is still imperative. Keep your material consistent from letterheads and envelopes to business cards and banners. 
The main point in branding is that you are able to be recognized by your target market and trusted as a good brand. It’s not just about plastering your image on as many flyers as you can and mailing them every month, but the people in your market need to get to know you and trust you. Getting involved in the community is a great a great way to accomplish this.

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How to manage your leads

Many real estate agents would say that a lead is worth their weight in gold. Leads are what clients are made of and clients are what they are in business for. Agents go to extreme lengths to gather leads and use many different avenues to capture their interest. One question that comes to mind is, how does anyone successfully manage all of them? Leads are coming from email campaigns, mailers, through a website, word of mouth, and door knocking, plus a whole myriad of other creative ways. As they begin to build up, what is one to do to get the most out of them as possible? 
One thing that is absolutely necessary is following up on leads quickly. You should have something in place to coordinate all of your follow-up efforts. Whether it is a phone call or a pre-scheduled email, it should be done swiftly so that they can solidify you in their memory. Plan so that each lead can be get the same turnaround time, which will streamline your services. Whatever questions they have, get to them swiftly and provide a further follow up after doing so. 
The next thing to do would be to keep your leads updated as time goes by. For example, If someone were to contact you regarding selling their home. After speaking with you, they decide to wait if it looks like the market is going to be going up. You can keep them informed on the market statistics as time goes by. If it looks like the prices are falling, you can keep in touch where your overall message is that now is the time to sell. Now take the flip side, and if it looks like prices are rising, remind them that when they are ready to sell, that you’ll be ready to help them. You can do this with emails or postcards, and the point is to update them at the right time. 
Communication is key in real estate and the minimum number of times you need to communicate with a lead is 7. It may take less to convert them, but many marketing experts agree that 7 points of communication from you will allow them to remember you. First interaction is when they give you a call about buying a home. Next would be a follow up email thanking them for their call. Third would be a text saying you’re on the hunt for their home and for them to keep your fingers crossed. Fourth is a postcard sent to them, and so on. The whole point is that you need to shoot for at least 7 points of contact with a lead if you want them to remember you and eventually convert that lead. 
It would also be wise to keep a spreadsheet or some other record to keep track of where you are at with each lead. Effective management of each lead will put you on a path to conversions, and an overall successful business model.

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Referrals = Success

Referrals and relationships seem to go hand in hand, especially in real estate. In the marketing world, there are a series of steps that customers go through before finally reaching the place of referring the business or service. Step one is Brand Users, those who find the service and are going to give it a shot. Second is Regular Customers, who have found that the service is reliable and will come back again. Next is Loyalties, where they have realized the value of the service and are going to stick with it. Finally there are the Advocates, who are completely satisfied with the service and are actively telling others about it. That is the point that we want your clients to be at.
Everyone has their own “How-to” guide when it comes to getting referrals. They have their tips and what works for them, and elaborate on how it connects in their business model. With all these industry voices giving their opinion on such an important subject, how do you know which to listen to? What is it going to take for your clients to recommend other to you? For someone to take that step, it is going to take a lot of trust. So how can you build that trust and create a lasting relationship with your clients?
1. Stay in touch- even if your work with someone is finished, it is important to communicate with them. Any type of relationship will not be strong if there is a lack of communication. It could be as simple as a phone call to see if they’ve moved in all right, or a holiday or birthday card when it comes around

2. Stay Involved- If you are hosting a get-together or housewarming party, make sure to invite present and past clients. Take them out to dinner, or maybe invite them with you on an outing like a bonfire or barbeque. Being active with someone is a great way for relationship to solidify.

3.  Ask- once you’ve developed a relationship with your clients, at an appropriate time, go ahead and ask them for a referral. It could be in the middle of a conversation about their new home, or just by making a phone call. on

If the relationship has developed enough, you may not have to ask and they may be your advocates already. For your past clients to say, “I have a friend in real estate” rather than “I know a real estate agent” can make a big difference. When contacting past clients, don’t just have referrals on your mind, but think of a relationship.

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Responsive Websites For Real Estate Agents

If you are in real estate, then you know just how important having a website is. Almost every agent or broker has a website with their bio, accomplishments, and information about the area that they service. All to make a great first impression on potential clients that come across their page. What happens though, when someone finds your site on their phone and it looks as if all your images are larger than their screen? How about while looking on a tablet and everything is pushed into a single column?
These visual problems, among others, are common to websites that are not responsive. A Responsive Website is one that successfully adjusts to the change in screen size of the device that it is being viewed on. This is becoming extremely important as more and more web traffic is coming from mobile and tablet users. The last thing you want is for someone to leave your site because they were having trouble viewing it.

If you are looking to keep as many clients as possible, it is imperative that your website is responsive. Work with your developer to make it as responsive as possible to all sizes. If you manage the site on your own, check that the template or service you are using allows it to effectively respond to different screens. This is not only important for user experience
but SEO as well. Here are some SEO benefits of a responsive website:
•           Retaining backlinks to a single site

•           Site is strengthened from less bounces

•           One site to focus all SEO efforts on

•           Google shows more search favor

As you can see, the benefits of a responsive site far outweigh not having one. Make this one of your top web marketing goals and watch the traffic begin to flow.

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Don't let anything hold you back. Go beyond what you think is possible and do great things.


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This seems to be a trend with all of the smaller #apartments  going up in #dtla . These new complexes offer a host of amenities for #residents  that I guess make up for the lack of space. Great places to check out.

#realestate   #apartmentliving

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Home of the Day     Downey, Ca!

Right here in our very own hometown!

8409 Quinn St,
Downey, CA 90241

4 beds, 4 baths at almost 8,000 sq. ft., this home is absolutely gorgeous In a cul-de-sac, with a private entrance, and cobblestone driveway. It has: marble floors, cedar floors, 2 master bedrooms both with large Jacuzzi tub, surround sound, recess lighting, 2 fireplaces, gym, can I get a wow!

In the backyard, there's a Barbecue area with island, and apple, pears, and avocado trees.

This home s definitely one of the many jewels here in Downey.

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This opens up so many opportunities. Having a #business  campus that integrates the  #community , is an amazing idea. Just think of the implications for the #realestate  industry. Get rid of the traditional idea of #officespace , there's so much more that can be done with plans like these. Everything from #housing  and #retailers , restaurants and parks. The Possibilities are endless!

#google   #realestatenews    
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