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According to Wikipedia, I don't exist.
According to Wikipedia, I don't exist.

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Transcend Guides Users on Selecting the Right SSD
Upgrading from a traditional HDD to an SSD grants you a
faster loading and access time to your data on your current HDD based system.
As there are no moving parts in an SSD, lower power consumption are expected
and the chances of failure from impact are pre...

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Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia Goes Off-Road Vroom Vroom
It’s probably common knowledge by now that, while the
Regalia looks classy as hot fuck as you drive across the barren desert
wastelands of Leide or the luscious sceneries in Duscae, it’s retardedly,
dumbly, fragile. One measly hit and it’s back to Cindy for...

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CORSAIR Unveils Concept Curve, Concept Slate, SYNC IT and Host of New Liquid Cooling Options at COMPUTEX 2017
CORSAIR®, a world leader in
enthusiast memory, high-performance gaming hardware and PC components has revealed two amazing concept PC systems and a range of innovative new
technologies at COMPUTEX 2017, leading the way for the next generation of CORSAIR pro...

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Transcend Targets PlayStation 4 Enthusiasts With Free SSD Installation Support
Want to unleash performance of your Playstation 4 to have
your games to load faster and play more smoothly than ever before? Then, it may
be time for a faster SSD in your PS4. Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®),
a leading manufacturer of storage and m...

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ASUS Unveils the ROG Zephyrus; Redefines Slim Gaming Laptops
Gaming and portability doesn’t usually come together. At
least, that’s our belief when it comes to our market since we prefer playing
games at its ideal, intended form – on the desktop. While, yes, gaming laptops
did try to bridge the terms, but they still ...

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Apacer's AH190 Eliminates iOS Storage Problems in a Jiffy
Whenever we purchase Apple’s products, especially iPhones
and iPads, we usually frown upon the larger storage versions since the price
skyrockets as the space increases. Typical Apple. At this point, we’re stuck
with either the base version or one step high...

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Team Group Creates Colorful Experience with Dazzling T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK RGB Memory
Since the release of the T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK from Team Group,
it has achieved repeated successes by winning multiple awards including the
Golden Pin Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Award and the COMPUTEX d&i
Award. Inspired by new creative concepts, the desi...

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Colorful Games Union: The Start of Dreams
Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional
manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, is proud to announce that its
platform for game and hardware enthusiasts to compete and communicate, CGU
(Colorful Games Union), will be having its 2017 seaso...

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BIOSTAR Reveals A68N-5600 SoC Motherboard for SFF and HTPCs
BIOSTAR is proud to announce its latest motherboard designed
for the perfect balance of performance and value for small form factor (SFF)
and home theatre PCs with its latest motherboard featuring AMD A10-4655M SoC
solution. BIOSTAR has created the A68N-560...

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Blizzard Could be Working on Diablo II and Warcraft III Remasters
The classics we’ve loved have been getting remasters and
remakes, and we’ve had a healthy dose of them with a couple of announcements as
of late. Now, it seems Blizzard is blitzing through remastering two of its
beloved classics, Diablo II and Warcraft III,...
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