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This was written by a former Saudi naval officer. It is brave of him to make this comparison of Israeli and Arab progress. Note the venue where he published.

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Steve Schmidt is a smart guy who also was leading in the choice of Gov Palin as VP.  He is wrong on this too, Romney's tax turns are going to be a gift that keeps giving for Obama.  If Romney gives more tax returns he will get killed like he has with the last two.  If Romney doesn't give more returns he'll get more nasty bites from the Honey Badger.  

The idea that Romney did anything illegal is unlikely.   The idea Romney did anything wrong is absurd.   People who say they wouldn't take full advantage of tax deductions bring about images  of someone who needs help with their bib and sippy cup.  

Molly Ball makes the great point Romney's taxes are so remote from the average person it's hard to fathom why he would need such complexity.   The confusing of complexity for dishonesty isn't advancing public discourse one bit.  The blame for not understanding the complexity of the tax code lies with Romney's detractors not Romney.

 Ball is right to question this as an authentic issue.  The real issue should be tax code reform; not how a smart man saved money maneuvering our byzantine tax code.  There is a growing consensus by voters and on the Hill that the tax code needs reformed. People are jumping on the unfairness of the tax code, the true issue, and scapegoating Romney for the corrupt system that has lead to the absurd tax expenditures.  It's unfair to blame Romney for taking every legal advantage he is offered.  As an Obama backer I'm loving every minute of it; as someone who wants real issues to be debated I hate it. 

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"Justice has been served, assuming your idea of justice for rape victims is to deprive a school of its next four Outback Bowl invitations." - SI

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Guess who is paying that $60 million fine? Pennsylvania's tax payers. That money will have to be taken from other programs, yes education programs.  So much for the NCAA's malarkey about caring about education.  Just one of many stupidities of this NCAA ruling.

What happened to waiting for the courts to finish with this first? The NCAA doesn't have the investigatory authority a court will have.  The NCAA could have benefited by a court ruling to back their bylaw infraction accusations.   

One good can come from this ruling and the potential court rulings.  Any future organizational cost benefit analysis, and it's a safe guess Spanier and Schultz did one, will probably err in favor of going public and taking their lumps.  Spanier and Schultz  should pay for looking the other way, but it's not right to make the people they left behind and the PA tax payers to pick up the tab.  

As a Pitt grad I wish the Penn State football program every misfortune, provided it's fair.  This NCAA ruling stinks of publicity grabbing.  It does nothing for the victims and is vague and overly broad on what bylaws Penn State actually broke.  It punishes the innocent, how is that fair?

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The problem with this opinion is it shirks responsibly or as Mary Cheh says of Gray  "Whether or not he knew of the massive election fraud that was taking place in his name, he is responsible for it."   He is either venial if he actually knew, or stupid to have not known about such a big operation.  Venial or stupid?  How can Gray govern with this lousy choice? 

Gray can't govern with a Council that doesn't believe he will be strong enough to govern.   No one on Council is coming to Gray's defense.  Three are for resignation, Cheh among them being one the most respected members on Council.  The rest are for wait and see, Mendelson being the leader of that contingent, and the comedian Marion Berry's "my lawyers told me not to say anything". If Gray stays he could spend the rest of his administration fighting to clear his name, distracting from getting the Districts business getting done.  Regardless, the public perception of Gray is forever tainted.  Even if he doesn't resign he'll never win another election. 

What to do with Andray Blatche?
The problem with an amnesty is you just wasted it on a guy who makes 7 mil this year, and about 23.4 mil over the next three years.  The Wiz are still under the cap without amnesty of Blatche's contract.  They are scheduled to be way under the next two years.  Remember you only get one amnesty; it might be needed if Nene's much larger and longer contract explodes. 

Trading Blatche is problematic.  Another team would likely want a first and/or cash to switch an expiring contract for Blatche's longer one.   Is anyone even deluding themselves this guy could trade for a player worth having?  No way. 

 NBA trades are the most complicated in sports.  Make it easier on yourself and think of Blatche the way NBA GM's do, as  a contract only.   This guy eat his way out of the league, unfortunately the CBA says he still gets payed, so he'll be around for three more years, probably setting at home watching his teammates on TV with a bucket of wings and a side of beef.  Hang tight, if a deal doesn't come by February maybe a buy out.   

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This article got one thing right, the Wiz do need shooters badly.  Actually, the Wiz need  more than shooters.  They also need a perimeter defender and some help in the paint for Nene.  They get an excellent perimeter defender in Ariza and a stout defensive presence at center in Okafor.  

The Wiz are taking on two players that are over payed for what they can do.  Welcome to the NBA, at least a quarter of the league is over payed.  That isn't the same thing as saying Ariza and Okafor are "marginal" players.  They improve the talent level of the Wiz considerably.  Lewis was just a contract setting deep on the bench.  

Remember Lewis was a gift from Orlando in exchange for the formerly un-tradeable Arenas.  To get anything for the washed up Arenas and now the equally washed up Lewis is pretty good for a GM that usually gets it wrong. Dumb luck? 

Cap space?  If the Wiz had waived, but not amnestied, Lewis they would still have had 13 million on their cap. Instead, they have 2 players they want for 9 million over that scenario.  What would you have done with the crapulent contract of Lewis?   Any great shooters out there to be traded for Lewis?  Grunfeld made the best of a bad contract.  The Wiz are still well under the cap with this trade, they can overpay a free agent shooter or make a trade for one.

I stand by what I wrote; but I am now going to chop off my fingers for typing a  defense of Ernie G.   

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Serene capital city of North Korea in the morning.

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Why UV dismissed Sullivan is still a mystery.  This fine blog post has some smart theories why:  

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Too funny not to pass along. The "surprise" White House unveiling:

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Child? There's no time for that! #FAIL #Funnygifs #Funny
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