I just met the most strange and wonderful old man on the train today. His name was Orange (we laughed together at the oddness of his name) and he was the most sensitive to the Spirit man I have ever met. He had an old man scragally beard, and tattered clothes (yet he had a bus pass around his neck indicating he worked for a company that supplied him one so he wasn't jobless... just odd looking). He walked up to me as I was reading a book and said hello and asked me what my name was. I said my name was Jonathan and he said "Jonathan I have a poem for you using the letters of your name." And I wish I could have remembered 95% of what he said to me in total but he spouted off an encouraging poem using the letters of my name. I was so taken aback and still a bit skepitical at the odd nature of this man. But he continued to talk to me as if we were old pals catching up. He then continued to speak to me and I seriously wish I could have remembered the majority of what he said to me, but basically he spoke from the Spirit, and that's the best way I could have described it. He told me God was telling me how loved I was by Him and that He considered me one of his children and that I needed to stop relying on my own strength and rely on his grace that He gives freely to those who ask. Oarnge reminded me of the nature of God, being our heavenly daddy and that us being his children God wants to play. I responded and said that it is sometimes hard to remeber that and that it's easy for me to think of Him as stern and unloving. And he quickly said "He never said that... although He is just and can be loving in a hard way that hurts, He is still our daddy who loves us like little children" He then encouraged me tonight before I go to bed to sit on the heavenly fathers lap and put my hands on his face and let Him pour his love on me. (Strange at first I thought but what an awesome example and reminder of Gods nature).

We had jumped on the train at this time and he was sitting across from me. As we spoke he occasionaly broke eye contact and began praying over me, it was strange because we were in conversation together him and I, but the way he was receptive to the Holy Spirit it felt as if the Holy Spirit was a third person in the room with us joining our conversation, it wasn't weird at all it felt quite natural and awesome. Like i've said I wish I could have remembered all what he said to me, but he was so hilarious and so kind and loving I swear if I ever met an Angel that is how I think it would go down.

The man also spoke a lot about being all the way in to Gods plan and not half the way, letting my whole self become transformed by Gods grace. (Which is what hit me the hardest from last nights Mars Hill sermon.) He said that there a lot of people who go to church pretending to be apart of the body of Christ and just pay lip service. Seriously half of what this guy said in his conversation was straight up quoted scripture right out of the Bible, that's how I know this guy was legit and not just a quack, he spoke more scripture than he did his own words. I think I may have made a comment about that because I remember him saying, "If an angel or a demon were to walk up to you, how would you know the differnce? (Knowing the Word of God inside and out)". I think his overall encouragment was to be more receptive to the Holy Spirit, to do what He asked and to open up my ears. (Again the theme of being all the way in).

If I remember more of what He said I will try to write it down and add it to this. But I am still just baffled and blown away at the randomness of this conversation. To give you an example yet again of his oddness and his sense of humor as I left I went to shake his hand and he stuck out one finger to shake my hand and we laughed at the awkwardness of how I responded (shaking his pointer finger). SO ODD! We both laughed and departed. I seriously hope I run into this guy again but I wouldn't be suprised if I never do again. I sweard He was sent from God to remind me of Gods naturea and to say "LISTEN TO GOD, He's trying to get a hold of you and you're to preoccupied with yoursrlf to notice, we're here for a short time, God put us here for a reason, why are you not all the way into Gods plan already? He made you!"

Oh Last thing, as I left he asked me what my last name was and he gave me another poem using my last letters. Haha awesome.
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