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Angela Furgal
Wife, Mom, Kindergarten Teacher=TIRED!
Wife, Mom, Kindergarten Teacher=TIRED!

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M-O-V-I-N-G Freebie: Alphabet Flip Charts
I'm moving my classroom for next year... or at least that's what I'm SUPPOSED to be working on. "Supposed to" ... The procrastinator's anthem I made some alphabet sentence flip charts instead. Of course you did! hehehe How about I give some to you for free?...

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Jump Frog Jump! Characters and Food Chain
Here is a very quick end of the year share! Four beautiful words... "end of the year" YESSSSSS! If you like to read about amphibians and reptiles this time of year, here are some Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan storybook characters : (click on the followi...

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Testing: Notes of Encouragement
Testing time is back! Moment of silence for us all. It's that time of year! My First Grade class buddied up with one of my school’s Fifth Grade classes this
year. Comfort in numbers. Our Fifth Grade friends had to
take 6 days worth of state exams…. Poor kid...

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Black History Month and The Underground Railroad
I grew up in Texas in the 70's and 80's same time, different place for me. I was a black haired, brown eyed girl who was half Hispanic and half S outhern. Life was good, very good... but it wasn't perfect. Every once in a while, I heard, saw, and felt discr...

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline
Here is a quick freebie for all of our faithful followers! I made this cute, Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline. I hope you like it.... Like it?!  Love it! What a great way to highlight his life in a way that's "easily digestable" for all the short peeps out ...

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New Year 2017 with a Snowy Day bonus!
May your New Year be filled with love, May your New Y ear be filled with laughter. May your New Year bring happiness and joy, a nd a N ever- E nding Happily Ever After! Well said my friend! One of Golden Boy's dreams is to see snow.... DUDE! Living in Illin...

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Health Insurance Hikes Can Bring Out The Grinch!
How can we possibly blog in December   without including How The Grinch Stole Ch ri stmas by Dr. Seu ss ? I know right?! I don't know about you, but The Grinch is on e of my all time fa vorite storybook characters. Reading Dr . Seuss' book a lwa ys helps my...

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Day Five Christmas Freebie: Teach on! Click Clack Ho Ho Ho! Writing Paper
Click Clack Ho Ho Ho by Doreen Cronin is a great book to bring on some holiday fun! This is too cute! My kids always like to see what these farm characters are up to!   Differentiated Writing Paper May you never feel stuck in your lesson plans... At this po...

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Day Four Christmas Freebie: Teach On! Bear Stays Up For Christmas Writing Paper
Bear Stays U p by Karma Wilson is another Christmas favorite. I've never read that one! Differentiated Writing Paper May you be able to "Stay Up" these last few weeks before Christmas! Remember, caffeine is our friend! Teach o n o ur f riends... Teach On!

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Day Three Christmas Freebie: Teacher On! Olivia Helps With Christmas Writing Paper
Olivia Helps With Christmas by Ian Falconer is sure to be another holiday favorite!  I seriously can NOT say "Olivia" without signing the song from the show! Not even kidding. I hope that you're enjoying these   Holiday Freebies ! Reading fun books this tim...
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