“And now when the even was come”—wood engraving of taking Jesus down from the cross, from Mark’s Gospel, made by Eric Gill for the 1931 “Four Gospels” published by the Golden Cockerel Press.

The book is very beautiful; this is a full-page illustration, and the book measures a little over 9x13 inches, or 23x34cm. My copy is actually a facsimile—the original fetches over £10,000 at auction. Although you’re welcome to make me an offer ☺

I often read from it at this time of year, although it’s the KJV and despite the lack of verse numbers, which the publisher felt made the page too cluttered.

I may make more images available from this book at http://www.fromoldbooks.org/GoldenCockerel-FourGospels/ - and maybe some of the decorative initials that Eric Gill made for it. Eric was also commissioned to make the typeface, which has since been “revived” digitally.
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