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Do you read articles on Elsevier's ScienceDirect? Install the "DistilBio Terms" App & quickly look up terms of interest!

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DistilBio's ( autosuggest now displays the no. of matches as u type!

We're still figuring out how to improve this feature, so any feedback would be extremely useful :)

DistilBio: Tell us what you think

It has been two months since we launched DistilBio, our semantic search engine for the life sciences. We have had quite a bit of traction: so a big thanks to all those that visited. To those haven’t been there yet, we would be thrilled if you checked it out.

As we add new features and data to DistilBio, we would like this process to be user driven. This means that we would like you to tell us what you want. Searches across public data will remain free.

Input that we are specifically looking for:

1. Are there specific databases you would like us to add?
2. Are there specific types of data you would like us to add? Fore.g. gene expression data, clinical data etc.?
3. Are there specific analysis tools that you would like us to add e.g. Blast, Clustalw etc.?
4. Would a chemistry structure search be useful?
5. How could we make the UI better to enhance the user experience?
6. Could you we enhance the tool so it would suit specific communities centered on a model organism, a target or a disease?
7. Would the tool be useful to search across private data?
8. Anything else you can think of...

Any inputs would be welcome. You can respond on this blog, or write to me at

Kalpana Krishnaswami,
CEO and Founder
Metaome Science Informatics

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This is the full list of databases that DistilBio currently contains - . Feel free to tell us what we should be adding.

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In this doc we've outlined our vision of DistilBio, and we're genuinely looking to help with the informatics needs of biologists. So does our product pitch make sense to you? - distilbio

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Our take on Google founder Brin's attempt to advance the state of Parkinson's research - In short, well done 23andMe :)

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Autosuggest ranking in DistilBio – New feature

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Compound Searches: Check out the demo video DistilBio Example-Compound Searches and the blog post with more details

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Compound searches and their bio-activities in DistilBio

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