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Tony Lee (sHecKii)
Be(ing) the change you want to see in the world.
Be(ing) the change you want to see in the world.

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Finally! A new website for me. I'd truly appreciate y'all's two cents.


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oh you know, me just playing fetch with my dog. :-) #throughglass

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NEVER EVER order from +Takeout Triad. See my official review:,1

AWFUL customer service. Food will be late. Said times are estimated and even wouldn't let me refund the tip -- THE TIP -- even though it's going to be estimated 25-minutes late. I called to say my order's about 10-minutes late. He said that the driver's leaving the restaurant and should be there in 10 min. I said, "Well, if that's the case, please refund the tip at least." Rudely, and curtly, he said, "Well it's not the driver's fault." Pretty taken aback by that, I said, "In this case, I don't even want the food." He said, "We can't give refunds because it's processed already." 

Use at your own risk. They don't care about you.

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Still geeking out that our agency made it into +Adweek! :D

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Let's use this as a test.

How many times do you use Google+ in a month? 
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Not a bad fast food Indian lunch spot in #ATX


You blink an eye and a month's gone by without talking to your friends post college.

Your entire spare time involved budgeting, taxes, networking and trying to have a social life in a new city. You literally become too busy trying to survive.

I could be a better friend, a better son and a better alumnus -- and I'm sorry. Just wanted to say I miss you guys. And when I finally have my life together, hopefully we haven't drifted too far apart.


Your son, your friend, your classmate.

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How awesome is that?!

Our company was mentioned on +Bloomberg TV!
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