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Ofinno seeks to empower mobile device users and the carriers that serve them through cutting edge network performance innovations.
Ofinno seeks to empower mobile device users and the carriers that serve them through cutting edge network performance innovations.
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We are pleased to announce our Vehicle Data Transmission System patent portfolio is available through TransactionsIP. 

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Co-existence of different technologies using the same frequencies is important in implementing a healthy ecosystem in spectrum sharing. Ofinno is committed to quality and detailed technical analysis on complex technological issues facing the industry. Download our paper to read our complete technical analysis. 

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Download our new whitepaper "New Radio for 5G: The future of mobile broadband. Ofinno's whitepaper provides an overview of the key design principles and technology components for NR and the main features that distinguish NR from prior RATs developed by the 3GPP.

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Community -
Ofinno’s community commitment is rooted deep in our belief that together we can make positive changes. We are committed to supporting organizations whose missions broadly range from entrepreneurial and technology education, to child well-being, to public health, and to organizing sporting events. Throughout the year, we dedicate time and energy to create positive change in our neighborhoods. We believe that investing our time and money into our community is one way to share our passion for Giving Ideas Value.

We spend a portion of our time volunteering with community organizations through hands-on projects and advisory positions. We offer Free Technology Training to schools, universities, and government (e.g. USPTO). We commit a portion of our revenue to support grants, donations or other giving. We realize that our commitment is minor compared to the overall need; however, our goal is to inspire other businesses to adopt the mindset of service and community involvement.

The study of the New Radio (NR) access technology in 3GPP RAN1 working group is currently ongoing. The topics being addressed include initial access and mobility procedures, multi-antenna schemes, scheduling and HARQ, mini-slot design, channel coding, modulation duplex and interference management, wide bandwidth operation, NR-LTE coexistence and channel modeling. Two technical reports (TR 38.802 and TR 38.900 ) related to this study item are being developed in RAN1.

The 3GPP RAN2 working group is also studying the layer 2 aspects of the NR. Topics of discussion include the user plane and control plane architecture for NR, mobility aspects, slicing and LTE operation with next generation core. The outcome of discussions and agreements are included in TR 38.804.

The NR study item in 3GPP RAN3 working group covers the overall network architecture and interfaces between base stations or base station and core network and their related protocols. The discussion areas include overall new RAN architecture and interfaces, network slicing, QoS, tight interworking with LTE, RAN logical architecture for NR, SON, wireless relay, migration aspects and interworking with non-3GPP systems. The TR 38.801 technical report is maintained by RAN3.

Ofinno with its advanced wireless research team is well positioned to play an important role in development of various aspects of 5G technology.

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