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Guess what game we're playing! Sign up and use my referral code, please. Daphify. I will buy you ice cream.
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+NIA Ops+Pokémon GO

The park is closed, which is a bummer, but it is in the process of moving so we will eventually be able to see the historic planes again. In the meantime, please remove the existing portals while the NSA builds their new control center. The NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY really needs to not be messed with, especially in this hypervigilant time in our country's security. And players too caught up for uniques (not that I would know such fervor) need not risk getting into unnecessary danger. Please remove any Pokestops and gyms while you're at it, too.
Appeal Category: Rejected Takedown (NIA operatives have reviewed your invalid Portal report. There is not sufficient evidence to remove this Portal at this time.)
Portal Title: (see list below)
City, Region and Country: Annapolis Junction, MD USA
Lat/Long: (see list below)
Ingress Intel Link: (see list below)

National Vigilance Park was a park that highlighted the work done by crews of various electronic signals gathering aircraft for national security means and was located in the shadow of the US National Security Agency. In February 2017, the park was shut down and fenced off, and the planes and memorials were all removed.

All of the portals are part of the National Vigilance Park should be removed. NSA Police show up within moments of any agent trying to come by to interact with the outdated portals; what used to be a park open to the public is now a secured area and agents can be threatened with detainment and/or arrest.

Support for removal of park and planes (both from NSA itself and from the nearby Cryptologic Museum): (see highlighted text box at the top of the page)

Visual evidence of planes being removed:,-76.7744162,155m/data=!3m1!1e3 (satellite view shows half-disassembled planes being removed.

All nine portals were requested to be taken down.
All nine portal take-down requests were rejected.

List of portals with lat/long:
* C-130A (39.112021,-76.774683)
* Dedicated to the Memory of all the US Naval Aircrews (39.111901,-76.774349)
* EA-3B Skywarrior (39.11181,-76.77469)
* In Memoriam 2 September 1997 (39.111693,-76.77423)
* Military Intelligence (39.111832,-76.774942)
* National Vigilance Park (39.111659,-76.774942)
* RU-8D Stone (39.112145,-76.775022)
* Trailhead to Museum (39.112702,-76.774901)
* Vietnam SIGINT Professionals Memorial (39.112007,-76.775208)
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Hey +Andrew Krug! In case you need to make some extra $ for the holidays, here's something for you!
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I can't <3 this enough! Really nice to see the comradery with everyone to put this together. Really great work!
Heart for Heather

On August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia the community faced some unexpected problems, including the loss of life of Heather Heyer while walking down the street.

Some local Ingress agents expressed their closeness to Heather and with the help of agents from across the country, both Enlightened and Resistance agents decided to honor her. A heart was decided on to be the style of choice for this cross-faction art. Agents got together, worked out the details and preparations began.

19 agents from several different areas collaborated on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 to execute a blue & green heart with the center being in Charlottesville, Virginia. 25 layers total to complete the heart with 248,118 Memory Units.

What matters is…people worked together to honor Heather Heyer!

<3 HEART not hate!

Operators: BING0USMC & PappyDeLong

Agents: scubaham, HippyGil, HowTheHell, jonoaf1980, LastCavalier, LaTuFu, mrsalphageek, n3dward, paulbrown, Rarefur, RicoVig, twobears, umong, D3Deicide, MrShakesbeard, Talblick, wolfmine14u

#SITREP #niantic #niantic-ops #ingress #AAR #enlightenedtoday #xfac #heartnothate

+James Bingham+Michael Rose+Mark Whitehead+Bruce Krall+Jon Davis+Nathaniel Lee+LaTu Fu+Dianna Jablonski+Ned Martin+Phil Young+Lisa Hudson+Rico Vigliotti+Twobears Burgos+Emerson Stern
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OMG, drool madness!!!!!
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My home boys! Really proud and grateful for all the planning and dedication by our POCs for all these weeks, as well as to +Andrew Krug​ for helping to make these events still so fun after all these years.

+Steven Hirnickel+Wedge Dan+Nikolas Lynch
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We are seeking new writers and content creators for FG, primarily with #Ingress and #PokemonGO! While these positions are voluntary, they help act as pillars for the community bringing us: breaking news articles, guide pages, analysis, etc.

If you are interested, leave a comment and we'll touch base over Hangouts. Alternatively, we've also been migrating over to Discord and you are more than welcome to come express your interest (or just hang out) with us there:

Thank you for your time!

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I am really hating the way +Google+ Events does things. Anyway, hope you call can see this and that you'll join us!
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I played a very small part in the DC Anomaly and I know that even this far out, many plans and commitments have been made, including financial.

An anomaly and even a friggin Olympics took place in cities with Zika outbreak and they went surprisingly fine. The players want this, the city seems to want this. +Niantic​, I hope you will want it, too.
Can we talk about the inside of an anomaly for a minute?

A lot of Ingress players know what the outside of an anomaly looks like. You show up, hang out at the hotel with your faction, go to a Friday night social, meet your teammates, pick up your swag, get your picture taken at the Niantic start point, play hard for three hours, drink a bottle of water someone hands you just when you realize you're dehydrated, play even harder for that last hour, hear the score announcement from Niantic, party all night long, and wake up in your hotel room the next morning unsure how you got there. It's the most fun you can have with hundreds of your closest friends, and you immediately look forward to the next one.

Most of us don't ever see the inside of an anomaly. (And I'm no expert, so this is just a sampling.) Anomalies are player-organized events. A group of people from each faction took off running the minute Niantic announced that that city was getting an anomaly. These players proceeded to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours of their time to make all of the things in the previous paragraph happen. They worked with the other faction and Niantic to select a playbox. They planned parties and other events. They plotted a strategy and organized teams and hired and trained operators and team leaders. They designed, ordered, and bagged swag. They advertised flight deals and found accommodations for all the out-of-town players, usually by signing an expensive hotel contract. They helped Niantic find venues for registration, the start photo, the score announcement, and Mission Day. They went to Costco and bought cases of water and distributed them into cars so that one bottle could find you at that one moment when you needed it.

Anomalies are player-organized events. The folks who did all of these things were local or regional volunteers. Neither faction has a pool of professional anomaly organizers who are paid out of some faction slush fund. They did these things while holding down jobs, while taking care their families, and while going to school. And the Houston anomaly organizers have been doing these things while bailing floodwaters, ripping out damaged carpet and drywall, and, in some cases, while living in a hotel.

Anomalies are player-organized events. This is one of their greatest strengths. They aren't corporate events. Each anomaly site has its own local flavor, and that keeps me traveling to them again and again. Anomaly organizers do it for love of the game, love of their faction, and love of their local community. That love shows.

For Niantic to cancel Houston's anomaly, when the city is open for business, when the tourism board says they want us to come, when the anomaly organizers have put so much on the line, would be a kick in the teeth to its organizers. Even if they were to replace it with a non-competitive Ingress event, that won't bring the hundreds of players to town that an anomaly would. Who would book all the hotel rooms, buy all the swag, and attend the parties that the organizers have already put themselves at great financial risk to arrange?

Anomalies are player-organized events. I stand with the Houston anomaly's organizers.

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +John Hanke

#HoustonRising #HoustonIsReady #IStandWithHouston #HoustonStrong
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