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A west coast gal in an east coast town

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Come visit! We can turn the orange one green! 
Here's Something We can All Get behind: ART for DC!

Your faction organizers are proud to have hammered out something that represents both the return of The Thirteen – rising like a phoenix – and our nation's great capital!

If you haven't, head over to to sign up for the anomaly and keep up-to-date on the happenings and be the first to know about when our gear is available.

Our official swag store will be launching in the coming weeks, providing Enlightened agents with exclusive access to limited edition clothing and gear to commemorate the awesome time we're going to have.

September is a great time of year to play in one of the densest, most breathtaking urban boxes you'll find, and now you can know you'll look great doing it all during the day, before dining on Smurf tears in the evening.

#13magnusreawakens #DC-enlrocks #DCmagnus

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Maybe you've been to DC.

Maybe you've battled on The Mall to prevent the Resistance from unleashing dangerous N'Zeer artifacts. Or you've spent cold hours fighting to keep pieces of Devra away from our city.

But, now, it's time to go to the streets.

See DC like so few do. The historic neighborhoods that have long surrounded a center of power are some of the most portal dense in the country – and promise to provide a site like no other.

Criss-crossed with bike lanes, major thoroughfares and numerous parks, Northwest DC provides incredible variety in the areas you will play, while remaining compact to ensure you're not caught on the other side of town when the next shards spawn.

Join up Sept. 23 – sign up at – and see what it's like to play in a tree-lined, green city full of history and monuments.

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Yo, fellow +Pokemon Go​ fans! Time to vote for the Webby Awards. You know you want to. 

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So. We all know +Nadia Amro​. We all know she's fighting cancer and medical bills are sucking. I've had a few people contact me, and I discussed it with her: we're going to be doing swag auctions to support her medical bills and supplement the donation effort already in place. She's trusted me with her login credentials to eBay, and I'll be listing, packing, shipping, and managing all the auctions on her behalf, but the money will go straight to her paypal (she's got enough on her plate, and paypal fees suck - especially if you pay them twice).

If you would like to donate swag for auction to help with her medical bills, you can mail me items for auction. Please clearly mark then "NADIA AUCTION", and I'll include them. And yes, I'm trustworthy; I've done this for people 4 times, now.

Help a lady out. Even if she is enlightened....

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Good morning G+ friends! Tomorrow marks a special day; my little princess turns 10! While I generally only post ingress-specific stuff here, for the past couple of weeks I've been contemplating a more personal post, so here goes...

As many of you know, Kyndal has had a myriad of health issues since birth due to a birth defect in her brain. Thankfully, she has always overcame each hurdle that's been put in front of her and is able to participate in a both a normal academic and phys ed curriculum.

In October, we received another scare. Her bone & joint doctor informed us that she was developing an aggressive form of scoliosis, due to the way her brain was sending signals to the muscles in her back which was causing her spine to become misaligned. Naturally, we questioned as to whether there was any therapies or exercises that could help reverse or slow down the process, but we're only met with advice to start preparing ourselves for the road ahead: by her February follow-up, shed likely need a hard, clamshell brace that she'd have to wear 18 hours a day and eventually it would progress to surgery.

Obviously, as a parent, the news was devastating. Kyndal took it hard for a little while, too, but nothing keeps this little angel down for long. We didn't talk about it much over the next few months, but chose to enjoy life as it was and hope and pray that it would slow down and buy is more time.

Fast forward to the end of February, as I'm already getting rather wordy with this post, and it was time for her follow-up. We were all pretty nervous awaiting the results of her new x-rays, when the doctor came in looking confused. We asked him what was wrong and all he could tell us was that she was a "miracle." Not only had the scoliosis not progressed, it became substantially LESS pronounced. I asked what we were doing that improved it, so we could continue along that path; his response: "Nothing, it just doesn't happen." So this little girl that loves to sing, "Oh, Canada" for her Canadian-American doctor had him smiling again.

We celebrated, as we normally do, with a couple hockey games and family visits that weekend when Kyndal once again showed empathy and compassion well beyond her 10 short years. When asked what she'd like for her upcoming birthday, her response was that since she'd "just received such a wonderful blessing, shed like to collect donations for others that need to catch a break."

What a "proud dad" moment that was! So that's what we're doing. Originally, we intended to keep this with the family and close friends, but the more I've thought about it, why not share the good news with the rest of the world and show her what a difference she can make?

Math can be a struggle for her (but we KNOW she'll overcome that, too) so we are trying to keep all the donations tangible, food, clothes, etc. So that she can see the difference she's making and not just a dollar figure that would be difficult for her to comprehend. I'd ask that if it's on your heart to give a blessing in Kyndal's honor, we'd love to hear about it!

I've met great people from both factions all over the country. I'd love to be able to show her on a map how far-reaching her generosity can multiply! If you're local, shoot me a message and I'll find a way to come pick stuff up if you'd like her to donate it in person. She's focusing on the SPCA and the York County Food Bank, but any non-profit that's on your heart will do! Thank God for answered prayers and for great friends!

Attached are a couple pictures of Kyndal and one of her x-rays, from October and from February. Thanks for taking the time to read this, for all your friendship and support!

~thedragonsowner (Nate) 💚❤💙

Please feel free to reshare and spread her joy!
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Appeal Type: Portal Reinstatement Appeal
Portal Name: Chief Joseph
Portal Location: 38.843528, -76.936730
Portal Address: 4220 Silver Hill Road, Suitland, MD 20746

Reasons this should be a portal: This immense and beautiful statue by Native artist Doug Hyde serves as the guardian of the entrance to the National Museum of the American Indian's Cultural Resources Center, one of the largest collections of material related to First Nations in the world. It is publicly accessible via appointment to enter the CRC, and lies on the walking path entrance to the building. There is seating near him where staff and visitors take their lunch under his solemn gaze. Portal takedown appears to be unjustified and eliminates a true cultural landmark and gathering place from Ingress.

Please consider reinstating this portal. It is a beacon of the cultural heritage and legacy of the United States as gifted to the public by Native peoples, the Smithsonian Institution, and the United States government. This statue's aesthetic beauty, accessibility, size, and sense of joyous discovery at this treasure of national history that should define what portals should be all about.

Here are articles that feature this statue and recognize it as a important location:
Chief Joseph at CRC
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Behind the yumminess! 

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Taking a break from some work and activism to remember that it's my #Ingressversary! 4 years ago, MissParker was born. +Joel Phillips​ took me to Lafayette Square, just north of the White House, to take over the farm. That night I returned for one of the Inaugural galas and felt like a secret agent battling for portals in my evening gown. I still get that feeling every now and then and am grateful for the many adventures ever since. #thanksIngress

#ingressactualgameplay +Ingress​

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Oooh, I'm excited to check this out! 
Ever wonder how Smurfling Lessons are made? Want to help? Tune in tonight (1/11) a 7:30PM EST to watch it happen! I'll be going live from my Twitch channel: to create Smurfling Lesson number 30, and I'll need your help!!!
See you then!
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