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Our hours for the rest of the month have been updated on our Google and Yelp page. Will will be taking a small vacation at the beginning of the year. 

We sold out of today's stock early than ever before end up selling out by about 10:00

Holidays hours are from 6:00 until our tamales run out. We have ended up closing early every single day since thanksgiving because we have not been able to keep up with demand. 

We are down to our last 6 tamales for today. We will be closing in a bit since that is all that is left hope everyone is having a great day. 

We have been closing early every day for the past week cause we keep running out of tamales. It seam like from now till the end of Christmas we will have to close early. Today we will be closing early at 4:00. Sorry for the shorter days but we are using the extra time to try and prepared for the following days. 

We are closing early like years before so we can all head home and have our own little thanksgiving dinners. We wish you all a happy thanksgiving. 

We have completely ran out of tamales for today. We decided to close much early than normal so we can prepare for tomorrow and open at the regular time. 

We will be closed on October 27, 2015. For maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Our name since we move to our current location, at 5390 Whittier blvd. has been Sandra's & Lolita's Tamales. Over the years there has been confusion with Lolita's Tamales. To make it easer for everyone, we shorted our name to just Sandra's Tamales. We have update our logo too, the logo will be uploaded shorty.  

It's December 11, and from now till December 24 it's first come first serve. 
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