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Our Goal: 100% RELIABILITY for 100% SAFETY
Our Goal: 100% RELIABILITY for 100% SAFETY

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Let´s rock the  #CYPRES   #Boogie !!!
More than 160 #Skydiver  already registerd for it!

It will be one of the biggest Boogies in Europe.
Be part of it and reserve your slot today!

 Load Organisers:
+Regan Tetlow  RW
Members of Team +Belgium Military Team NMP Pch HayaBusa (World Champion 4 way RW)
Members of Team Fly Warriors World Class Freefly- Tracing

Peter Ingenhaag  RW
Rolf Brombach Wingsuit
Ally Millne FF
Rob Kendall RW
Dieter Kirsch RW
Members of Team Non-Standard (German National FF Champion)

+Norman Kent Productions 
+Joel Strickland Photographics 
 Andrey Veselov
and even more...

+Performance Designs, Inc. 
+Sun Path Products 
Larsen & Brusgard
+Vertical Suits 
Rainbow Design
+Fly Cookie 
+UPT Vector 

Golden CYPRES 25 years eddition
CYPRES custom designed Helmets

2 x Dornier 28 with space for 15 Skydivers each
1 x Skyvan with space for 23 Skydivers
1 x Supervan with space for 17 Skydivers

.... And so much more...
Looking forward to see you there!

#Skydiving   #Partytime  

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The CYPRES 25th Anniversary Boogie, has just opened for registration!
Looking forward to meet you at Skydive Bad Lippspringe from the 1st until the 5th of June!

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It was really a pleasure to meet all of you at BPA Skydive The Expo! Glad about the huge interest and all your questions about the details of our #CYPRES technology.
As I promised no photos from the bar, except one ;). So please feel free to tag yourself and everyone you know!
Oh and please tell me what did I told you at the bar that there was next day a outside broadcasting van behind our hotel??? :D

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#CYPRES for free? Take your chance in the pdfactoryteam raffle. Here is your chance

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After some detailed investigations and after questioning the witnesses, we can confirm that this living room had NO CYPRES installed. Only  #CYPRES   sponsored +Jeff Provenzano  his cat and +NVIDIA   #Shield   survived this jump. We declare our deepest sympathy to the kitchen, the bath and the dining room.

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Watch the Highlights of +USPA  #2015NatAZ , Day 4 - 4 Way #VFS on +SKYDIVE TV™ - The Global Online & Mobile Media for the sport and industry of skydiving. also featuring Melissa Nelson and +Nancy Koreen 
Congratulations to the #CYPRES  sponsored Teams SDC Core and Arizona Arsenal for the 1st and 2nd place, big applause from here!
Also featured: Arizona X-Force, Forgy, Frosty Mongoose Time, Team Super Serious and Taft Top Secret.

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Congratulations to all participants and organizers of the 61 Way record. Nice report from british +Daily Mail with footage from  #CYPRES sponsored friend +Norman Kent Productions  #Skydiving   #Wingsuits  

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Watch the live stream from +SKYDIVE TV™ - The Global Online & Mobile Media for the sport and industry of skydiving. and get the latest news about the +USPA Nationals 2015.
Good luck for all competitors!
#CYPRES   #Skydiving   #2015NatAZ  

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First issue of +Tunnel Rats just released. We hope a lot more will follow. All the best for the release and the following issues!
#CYPRES   #Tunnel  

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This year was already quiet successfull and exhausting for us. Thanks to all of our customers and dealers! Right on time we are back on track for the next season sale with 2 weeks delivery time for a brand new #CYPRES  2.
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