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Apparently FedEx thought it was cool to send my package from just up the road to 241 miles north of me, extending the expected delivery out an additional 10 days from the original 6 (from MS to SoMD). I have seen pack mule carriers with faster service. Did they Apple Maps? Did someone detonate a bomb and knock out my area and not tell me? Did my attack vultures scare them off?? #fedex #wtf #packmules

It only took two weeks, but I finally got the Litecoin miners functioning and makin' fundage. 1.2Mh/s!

It's been a while since I've bought a video card, but it used to be that when I spent over 300 bucks for a card, it was a reasonable expectation for their to be some software in there (demo or full version). 

I have often wondered what would happen if the general populace of a country or area was to ignore a law, mandate, rule, or general policy set down by the government. No violence, they just ignored it. Kind of like on the DC Beltway, where the speed limit signs make me giggle as people pass me. I suppose it goes back to what they tried to teach us in school of just walk away. 

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I rather hope that this influences laws other places, but of course, Maryland will ignore it.

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And suddenly the DoD had funding...

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Made some lumpia, turned out pretty nicely. Nobody died...I appear to be slipping.

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It's a good evening when the comment is made "We have t-shirts being delivered by a jet-powered smart car"

The AT&T Next plan seems to be amongst the worst I've seen yet from a phone company. It's like they're trying to piss people off on purpose. 
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