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Tips for Parenting a Gymnast
your child is on the fast track to becoming an elite gymnast or is just very
passionate about gymnastics as a hobby, there are some good practices you can
adopt for supporting them in the most positive and productive way. Read on for
a few tips from...
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Is Boosting Flexibility Your New Year’s Resolution?
that time of year—everyone has a clean slate and a fresh start that they can
make improvements to their life with. While many people set the old standby
resolutions such as lose weight, eat healthier and get in shape, those who are
already exercising r...
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Give the Gift of Gymnastics Classes
do you get for the child, teen or tween who has everything? Why not give them
the gift of gymnastics classes ? Cliché as it may sound, this will definitely be
a gift that keeps on giving, because the benefits are diverse and long lasting.
You’re not ju...
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5 Killer Benefits of Gymnastics Classes
no doubt about it— gymnastics classes yield an array of physical and mental benefits.
We polled a group of students from our gymnastics center as well as other
programs, to see what they felt the greatest benefits of a gymnastics practice
are. Read ...
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3 Social Benefits of Gymnastic Classes
Children of all ages can reap significant benefits by taking gymnastics classes —and not just inside the gym. Participating in any sport is a
great way to develop a passion for fitness and set the groundwork for a healthy
lifestyle, but did you know that gy...
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Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain With Gymnastics Classes
is here—and on average, most Americans gain a couple of pounds during this
holiday weekend alone. With the rest of the holiday season on the way, many let
the pound or two gained at Thanksgiving spiral into holiday weight gain of up
to 10 pound...
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Preparing for Success in Gymnastics Competitions
you look at the performance of elite athletes in gymnastics competitions , you’ll
notice that they all exude stellar control, power, strength and balance. While
they may seem to do this effortlessly, we know that they spend years
perfecting their skills ...
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3 Benefits of Taking Classes at a Gymnastics Center
classes at a gymnastics center is an excellent way to build a solid foundation
for fitness. The benefits are wide-ranging and can positively affect every
aspect of life, whether a student takes classes just for fun and fitness, or
wants to become an ...
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Getting in Shape with Gymnastics
you ever think that gymnastics would become a popular way for adults to get
into shape? While you may not have thought you would be signing up at a gymnastics school as an adult, it’s a very popular way to get fit and stay in
shape among twentysomething...
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