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Wordless Mindset Of The Creative Nudge
Where the whisperer is upheld, cherished and listened to .. in love
Where the whisperer is upheld, cherished and listened to .. in love


So many people talk in a "New Age" way about raising their level of vibration. What the heck are they talking about, in a specific, scientific way? Because vibrations are definitely, very measurable events....  +Mani Scienide +Kristin Drysdale what's your take??  Here's my own #CreativeNudge  on raising your vibrational level:  I lot of people speak in a 'New Age' way about these vibrations not realizing that neuro-scientists using the #EEG (electroencephalograph) have nailed it down  to a group of very specific brain frequencies in the neo-cortex....esp the pre-frontal lobe, I believe, to #VIBRATIONS known as alpha, theta, delta and gamma waves, at 2-5,  9-10 cycles per second and up to near 30 Hz as you can daily get yourself trained in, using binaural brain wave entrainment  -- and this boosts your entrepreneurial creativity for writing & money-making, like crazy!! That may explain my obsessions since January, 2006.  
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12 June (NZ time...)   #CreativeNudge  folks is "... be bold and unique, believe there's a positive response ALWAYS and trust You"  as written just now for +Ivana Taylor of DIYmarketers and +Rhonda Wall of VA Village and +Kristin Drysdale +Mani Scienide in general positivity harvesting, globally..........?  What did I write?
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Here is your #CreativeNudge  for Wednesday, 11 June, 2014 which New Zealand enters 16 hours before New York. Ready? Be powered by your core, inner, intuitive intelligence, to smile and create instantly, effortlessly, all day long... smile and create, loving ALL of today...  after +Brian Ridgway Level 5 mentoring, who is smiling, creating, instantly, effortlessly all Century long ... always now and forever!
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Today's fresh, green #CreativeNudge growth push is:  "a finite, categorical, compartmentalized language cannot portray the infinite..."  yup. nor the transcendental ~*~   as Your Higher Self rises and subsumes the little things that seemed so important to you, yesterday. The things that caused you worry and apprehension are washed away by flowing, sparkling waters of the moment.
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I awaken .. renewed, refreshed and energized! I smile create in The Magic Of Thinking BIG thanks to the #CreativeNudge or "inner whisper" ~ the guide ~ intuition of buddhi
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Alpha waves are characteristic of a relaxed yet alert state of mind,
increased creativity, mood elevation, super-learning and enhanced

Alpha Brain Waves have also been linked to relief from lost sleep,
mental stability, increased awareness and greater absorption of new
information plus clarity.  High levels of Alpha Brainwave activity have
also been associated with:

- Stopping self-sabotage
- Improved Visualization Skills
- Boosting your Self Confidence
- Following your intuitive guidance system
- Tapping into source energy
- Feelings of unconditional gratitude
- Enhanced body, mind, soul connection
- Create an awareness of how easily you can accomplish what you set out to do ..

My secret method? ALPHA (9Hz) + GAMMA (30Hz) !!

The hauntingly beautiful cello of Jami Sieber
will transport you to another realm.
The enchanting music is mixed with frequencies
that will take you up to the edge of gamma into
the zen zone of higher brain functioning,
enhanced insight and compassion.

The Japanese exquisitely developed Buddhism into ZEN Buddhism.... clear, blank and empty mind ~ initially for martial arts

#CreativeNudge locate connect harmonize
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Today's early morning #CreativeNudge is this:  "DESIRE .. a strong immune system; I want you to be healthy, strong, well and happy.... I want you smiling, as you visualize and imagine you taking MASSIVE ACTION on your exciting Project A"   I use a lot of repetition with each such affirmation. Repeat, concentrating your ENERGY in the NOW
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IF I could show you the inner light of your own being ~ {Hafiz} and say, "you are what you experience on the inner" and that "inner game dictates outer game..."  would you understand the  #Existential #Phenomenological position?   (You ARE what you experience....)   And.....see me as the man with an early morning, burning passion - (zero need for an alarm clock) - very highly inspired now, would you follow my steps, in how I arrived here at this permanently blissful, heavenly state of consciousness? If you wanted to..... attain such positivity towards yourself, attain Heaven in 5-10 minutes, follow this web link:
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So, here we are, in this precious Moment - galactic time has labored to produce this moment - exquisite!   ~ T. Leary, PhD
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Wordless space ..  there is a 'nudge of spirit.... '
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