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More Than Seeing: The Many Uses of Plexiglass

Glass is an essential item in our day to day lives. Not only does it create a safe space for viewing the world, but it can also protect people. For example, car windows must be both sturdy and see through. Otherwise they would be a safety hazard. In the early days of manufacturing, people used the parts of an animal to help make glass.

Today, synthetic replacements have made stronger, more flexible glasses possible. One such type of glass is plexiglass. Baker Glass has quality plexiglass for every need. This type of glass is ideal for being lighter and stronger than traditional glass. As such it can be used for a number of things. Before you decide on getting some though, you should know what it is and what it can be used for.

What is Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is a combination of various plastics and glass. Some substances used for the plastic portion is resin, or various acrylics. Each type is very strong and helps to keep the shape and integrity of the mold later. The glass portion can also be synthetic as well. There are also many different combinations of the two elements, all of which can be manipulated into various forms, thickness and visibility levels. These two components are either folded into each other, or layered. Their intended use is usually what dictates which method will be used. Each technique provides a different kind of substances which is used for different things. First the glass is super-heated, and then shaped to suit the desired need.

What Can Plexiglass be Used For?

Plexiglass can be used for anything from houses to aquatic tanks. As this type of glass has been synthesized, it is not only transparent but also lighter in weight. This allows for a clear view without compromising durability. As such it works well under pressure and is great for large aquariums or fish tanks. As the glass can be customized for just about any shape, it can be great for large viewing tanks in water parks. It is also used as storm windows for homes in severe weather areas. Storm windows are windows that are made to withstand severe wind and rain without breaking. Many homes in severe weather areas are made with plexiglass. This glass is also is ideal for car windows as they need to be strong enough to resist damage, but still be see through. As this glass is so versatile, it can be shaped and used for many different purposes.

Glass is an important element of daily life. In the modern age, regular glass is not always the best choice. This is because glass can shatter and scatter, causing injuries. Having a stronger glass mixed with plastic creates a better, and safer product. Baker Glass can do plexiglass for every possible use. Whether it is for your car or home, this type of glass will keep you protected without interrupting your view.


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The Right Company Can Help You Get The Best Custom Glass

Are you in need of glass for multiple projects in your brand new home? If so, you will want to find a professional company to help assist you with choosing and delivering your product. There are many reasons you might need glass in your home and our team at Baker Glass wants to make sure you receive the best customer service possible. We know the importance of having a home that looks great and serves its functional purpose.

Many Home Projects Require It

So what might you need some glass product for? Maybe you need it for the new shower door in your remodeled bathroom. You could need if for a brand new tabletop surface in your dining room. Or maybe you simply need to replace some windows that aren’t doing their job. Whatever the reason is, a professional will be able to help you with every aspect of ordering it and getting it delivered and installed in your home. There are actually some options when it comes to picking out and purchasing sheets of glass for your home. Some people may think that it’s a very standard and easy order, however, this isn’t always the case.

Different Styles And Colors

Glass comes in different widths, colors, and overall styles. This is something that not everyone is aware of. This is probably because they haven’t dealt with too many projects that require it or they’ve just always been led to believe that there is only one type. There are different types and options in order to please everyone’s tastes and preferences. Glass will differ based on what the look is that you are going for. Some people might be going for an elegant and sophisticated look, while others might be going for a minimal and more simplistic look. Custom glass can be the answer to these goals. A professional will be your best bet at finding and getting exactly what you want.

Work With Qualified Professionals

You will want to make sure you work with a professional that is highly qualified and experienced in this field. It will make it a much easier project and ensure that everything was done right throughout the process. By doing some research, you will be able to hire a professional that is reliable and reputable. You can ask friends and family that you trust for a recommendation or you can do your own research online. You should be able to look up the company website or read Google reviews on experiences from past customers. These are small steps that will ensure your happiness with the end result of all of your projects.

Call Baker Glass Today

If you are in the El Paso area and need glass for your home project, our team at Baker glass would be more than happy to help you. We know the importance of having the ability to purchase quality materials. If you would like more information on how we can assist you, please contact us today.

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Decorating Smart: Using Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors are a wonderful way to brighten and enlarge a room. They are also great ways to make sure you look presentable before leaving the house. Besides being helpful there are also many different kinds of glass you can get. Baker Glass is experienced in making all types of mirrors for every use needed. A reflective surface can be helpful and useful for many kinds of purposes. These surfaces are polished to allow the trapping and releasing of light. The process requires several different folds and working before it is ready. Afterwards it is polished until glossy. The test run on these surface is fairly simply too. The workers will look in them to check reflection. These surfaces can be very thick, or thin. It really depends on the use intended for them.

What Types of Mirrors Are There?

There are several types of mirrors. Each one is made for different uses and purposes. One type of surface is used for cars. These are made in similar way to the reflective surface. In that they both carry the same purpose. That of reflecting. However in a vehicle of any kind the goal is being able to see around corners. To this end the surfaces are fashioned to be concave. This allows for a wider trapping of light. This then allows a person to see behind them easier. Regardless of the use or wrapping, the goal is the same. These reflective surfaces are meant to allow you to see. Whether that is yourself or something behind you is just a variety. This means that you can have different pieces to express yourself. Or to serve different functions in your home or workplace.

How Should You Use Them in the Home?

How you use any mirrors depends on the purpose you need it for. If you are looking for something that just reflects. Then you should look at a traditional surface. This type of design is the traditional reflection surface. This is meant to allow people to see themselves. They are most commonly used in restrooms, and bedrooms. They can often be found in department stores and attached to different surfaces too. The point of them is to help you make sure you like the look of something. However, if you want something a little more decorated. Then you can get a decorated surface. There are variety of designs ranging from borders to blocks. Some will severally limit to amount of reflection space. Others will only enhance the space. It will again depend on where you want the glass.

Mirrors are wonderful tool that are as stylish as they are helpful. Baker Glass produces quality mirrors for all uses. Before you purchase one, make sure that you know what type you want. This will depend on where you want to put it. And what you want to use it for.


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What to do When Your Auto Glass Breaks

If you have ever walked out to your car and found auto glass all over the ground, you know that it can leave you feeling both vulnerable and frustrated. There are a number of things that you should and should not do so that you can get everything back to normal.

Steps to Take with Broken Auto Glass

The first thing you should do if you find broken auto glass by your car is, call the police. Do not touch anything. This will enable law enforcement to be able to search for clues and dust for fingerprints. Once you have filed a report, be sure to get a copy so that you can submit it to your insurance company. Then, call both your auto and home insurance companies. While the damage to your car will be covered by your auto insurance, the belongings that were taken are usually covered by your home or renter’s insurance policy.

Temporary Fixes for Broken Auto Glass

If you are going to have to wait before you can take your car in to have the auto glass replaced, there are some steps you can take to secure it in the meantime. Taking these steps is only meant to be a short-term solution and is in no way a replacement for the window that shattered.

Remove any residual auto glass shards and dust the door. Then, take some blue painter’s tape and run a length along the bottom of the window frame. Be sure that it stretches the entire width of the door. Be sure to cover all painted portions of the door above the length of painters tape with additional painter’s tape. It is imperative that you do not use duct tape or packing tape for this step. Duct tape is incredibly hard to get off and packing tape will ruin your paint.

You will then need to take packing tape and run it along the painter’s tape. Keep it as tight as possible and place overlapping strips up the window area so that you create a window made of tape. Be sure that the tape is firmly secured to the door. Remember, the tighter the tape, the less noisy and more durable it will be. When you get to the top of the door, run one last piece of tape across the top edge so that it makes contact with both the last strip you placed and the top edge that cannot be seen when the door is closed as this will help to seal against leakage. Be sure that you do this on both sides of the door or you will end up with things or people stuck to your new “window.”

If you are in need of an auto glass replacement and are in the El Paso area, call Baker Glass. They have four convenient locations to serve you so that you do not have a tape window for long.


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First Response Steps for Window Repair

You have always taught your children to be dedicated and hardworking, so you are thrilled when your son decides to spend two hours every day after school practicing tirelessly for his upcoming baseball tryouts. Thrilled - that is - until a stray ball goes right through your dining room window.

At Baker Glass, we specialize in all manners of window repair. And while we are committed to cleaning up life’s messes as soon after they occur as possible, we know that sometimes homeowners have to ‘hold down the fort’ before a glass repair specialist can take over and replace the glass. Here are a few first response steps to take if a window in your home breaks for any reason - like a baseball going through your window.

Safety First

First things, first! Make sure everyone is aware of the broken glass, and cordon off the area so no one accidentally steps on any scattered fragments of glass. Wear shoes and gloves in the area to avoid glass slivers from getting into your skin as you section off the area.

Assess the Damage

Is the window completely shattered? Is there a big crack running through it? If the window is only partially broken, it may be stable enough to leave connected to the window pain. If most of the window is shattered, however, the remaining broken glass could pose a threat of falling unexpectedly. While broken windows are always unsafe, shattered windows require slightly more care.

Call a Window Repair Service

Once you have assessed the level of damage, it is probably a good idea to call a window repair service. They will be able to give you a diagnosis after seeing the broken window in person. The sooner you call, the sooner your window will be back to normal, so don’t delay this step!

Cover the Broken Area

If the window simply suffered a small crack, tape may be sufficient to cover the broken area. If a portion of the glass shattered, however, you will need something bigger. A plastic garbage bag is a great solution. You can either tape the bag over the window or secure it to the window panes with a stapler. If the entire window is destroyed, you may want to get a slab of plywood to cover the area and provide insulation until you get professional window repair.

Broken Glass Doesn’t Stand a Chance

If you are an El Paso resident and are in need of window repair, Baker Glass is here to help. Our glass experts specialize at addressing everything from the smallest glass nick’s to the largest messes. We carefully assess broken glass to make sure we do the job right the first time. With our gentle but thorough glass repair methods, broken glass doesn’t stand a chance!


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How Glass Repair Is Essential for Homeowners and Businesses

Glass is a major component of many manufactured products and is used for many commercial and residential needs. As useful as glass is, you probably won’t go through your life without needing glass repair. Baker Glass company finds a balance between aesthetic and quality, making our product uniquely cut out to meet your exact needs. Besides the basics, what can glass be used for and what do you do if it needs a repair?

What is Glass Used For?

The use of glass is predominantly popular because it is affordable, readily available and can be fabricated into different shapes, thickness, and sizes. Although glass is very fragile, it has significantly aided the advancement of technology and other innovations. Glass is even a major component to the advancement of 3-D systems.

When it comes to residential needs, glass is utilized for the production of various tableware such as cups and plates. Glass is also used for windows and is an essential element considered by architects and interior decorators for every home and business. Everything from the windows on your car to furniture with glass fixtures, it’s something we use in our everyday lives.

Residential and Commercial Custom Glass

Have you ever thought about having your custom cut glass, beveled, polished, and tempered perfectly? This can be perfect when designing an office for your business or changing up the windows on your house. Custom glass gives you the flexibility to create glass that accommodates your needs. If you have kids, you may want sturdier glass that can withstand baseballs and bumps. If you want to give your house a new look, maybe add glass doors for your showers or closets. Either way, glass is a major part in residential and commercial buildings.

Glass Repair in El Paso

Baker Glass can help with your home, automobile, and commercial glass needs. Baker Glass is a team of experts in the fabrication and cutting of glass and has years of experience installing, shaping and replacing glass for businesses and homes. Glass here to stay. If you need glass repair, Baker Glass is ready to serve you. Call us today!


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When to Get Your House Windows Replaced

Keeping your home safe and functioning properly is a full time job. Window replacement is on the list of features that gets forgotten. As long as the windows are clean and not obviously broken, they tend to get overlooked. But your home’s windows can be the most important aspect of your home. They keep your home insulated and protected from the elements. If something is wrong with them, they can cause a lot of problems. Baker Glass can help with home window replacement quickly and effectively. There are several reasons to get your windows replaced. These include any obvious broken or damaged windows, to help make your home more energy efficient, or if your house was built before 1978.

Broken, Rotted or Jammed Sashes

You should consider window replacement if your windows are broken, rotted or jammed. Now, this may seem like an obvious thing to look for. A broken window is when glass is broken right? Well, not always. Sometimes a broken piece of glass is a simply crack. Sometimes a broken window is a rotted wood frame. Or a jammed windowsill. These types of damages are not always obvious and can slip through the cracks. Having any of these issues, however, can lead to drafts, or an eventual break. In is also important to note that a broken window is more than just broken glass. It can also be a broken frame, or damaged hinges and cracked panes. These will require window replacement.

Energy Efficient Options

Window replacement can help make your home more energy efficient. If you are trying to save money on bills, then turn to your windows. Often drafts or poor sealing can lead to higher utility bills. This is because the window is not sealing the house properly. Thus, the air or heater, turns on more. Having properly sealed windows reduces this risk.

Lead Based Windows

If your home was built before 1978, then you should consider window replacement. Lead based paint was banned in 1978. Any home that was built before then properly has lead paint in it. For windows this can mean a serious health risk. Single pane or hinge opened windows can disturb the paint and dust, releasing lead into the home which is very harmful to children. If your home was built before 1978, then you need a professional to do any window replacement.

Everybody wants their home to be safe and working. Window replacement can help make sure that happens. Baker Glass is ready and willing to help you with your window replacement. Consider the condition of your windows and their usage. If you have broken, rotted, or jammed windows than you should consider replacing them. If you are trying to make your home more energy efficient than getting new windows could be the answer. Lastly, if your home was built before 1978, then chances are your windows can be a health risk. Doing some simple checks can help save you money and time in the future. 

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You Choice Will Be Clear With Glass Tabletops

If you have recently remodeled or are looking to upgrade your home décor to something a little more modern, you don’t want to rule out glass tabletops. They are great for your kitchen and dining room areas. Glass serves not only a stylistic purpose but also a maintenance purpose. If you are in the El Paso area, Baker Glass Inc. can make you glass tabletops that you will not be disappointed in. They can make you a tabletop based off of your décor or style preferences for your home.

Nice Glass Can Still Showcase Your Table

A glass tabletop can be shaped and made to fit just about any surface. This is why it is such a great, versatile material. Not only that, but it actually looks nice with more of the modern furniture selling today. There are a couple great benefits of using glass for your tabletop. Glass is very common to find in the kitchen and in the living room on coffee tables. Unlike wood, spilling on glass is very easy to clean up and won’t leave a mark that ruins the surface. It is also used regularly as a protective cover for wood tables and customized surfaces that you do not want to get ruined. This allows for the custom table to still show through the glass, but not take the damage on the surface. In retrospect, glass is a great option in order to protect your original table surface or to use in order to avoid spills and messes.

Find Durable Glass For Your Home

While glass tabletops are a great choice, it is important to make sure that you purchase glass that is excellent quality. You want to be sure it can withstand normal day-to-day wear and tear. You will want a great piece of glass that doesn’t scratch easily or show too many marks. Many glass options today are tough and durable because they are tempered glass that can resist heat, avoid scratches, and not shatter very easily. Glass also lightens up a room and can help it look more welcoming. This is especially true if there is dark furniture.

Even Kids Can’t Mess It Up

If you have kids or use your table for crafting and other activities, purchasing a glass tabletop is probably your best choice. A glass table will be very hard for your children to damage and if you spill during craft time you won’t have to worry too much about it. With a glass table, there will be no stress or grief over a table that has been damaged and ruined. If you are looking at glass tabletops, Baker Glass Inc. can help you with any needs you may have. We have been in operation for nearly a century and are dedicated to providing quality glass and other services to our clients. Please contact us today for more information on the glass tabletops that we offer!


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Picking the Right Shower Door

As you finish up you bathroom design, one aspect that cans stump you is the shower door. There are quite a few different styles to consider after all. Baker glass has a wide variety of shower doors to choose from. Finding a door is not the problem, choosing one is. But where do you start? The door does not just need to be beautiful, or stylish, but functional too. Thinking of the door like this can make it hard to decide. What if the door is lovely, but doesn’t quite work the way you need. Or vice versa? Well, a few things to think about when deciding on a shower door is what are the needs of your family? Then you can look at different designs options and pick the door that best fills your needs and desires.

Consider Your Needs

This is an important step, as this will dictate what kind of door you will get. Needs here goes from the size of your family, age ranges, and use. For example, a sliding door might work best for a family with older children. This is because sliding doors can be heavy and usually require a step over. This doesn’t usually work out for toddlers, or children under eight. Likewise, it might not be the best option for elders either. The door being too heavy or the step over being too high. A good option to consider for these age groups would be an open door design. This design usually does not have a step over. Rather it is built flush with the shower floor. This allows easier access and is typically lighter. Knowing the needs of your family will help you pick the best design for your family use.

Consider Design Options

Now that you know what type of door you need, now you can think about designs. This will largely reflect the décor of your bathroom, so it needs to match. Colors, and feel of the bathroom can decide whether you want clear glass or frosted glass. Most doors will allow for different shades for the frame and door or bar handles as well. This way your door can easily match the décor of your house. When you go to store to pick something out, remember to take a few pictures of your bathroom with you. This way you will have a direct reference for your top picks. Lastly, do not try to pick “the one” but rather, the top three or top five. This is helpful because it gives you options. That way you can go home and think about it before choosing.

Let Baker Glass Help

Finding the right shower door can be a bit challenging. There are quite a few options to choose from. Baker Glass has tons of glass shower doors for you to choose from. But if you keep a few things in mind, your choice will become easier. Remember to first think of the needs of your family. This will decide what type of door to get. Then look over your design options. After all the will probably be the focus of your bathroom. Why not make it a beautiful one?

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Choosing The Right Glass Shower Doors For Your Space

Whether you are remodeling your house or choosing your first home, there are always a variety of decisions that need to be made. There are always certain aspects in which you simply do not want to compromise, nor should you.  If glass shower doors are what you are looking for, Baker Glass can help you. It is important to take into account that when it comes to glass shower doors, there are different types of doors and materials. Therefore, it is crucial that you research which materials and styles work better with the rest of the room.  Also, it is important to consider the size and shape of the door.

The Differences Between Glass Shower Doors

Having glass shower doors adds an additional visual appeal to your bathroom, giving the room a sleeker look.  When choosing what type of glass shower you want, you have one of two additional options, whether you want a framed or frameless glass shower door.  Framed glass showers doors are usually made of thinner glass; therefore the frame around it provides more support.  The frames are usually made of metal because of its durability and because it matches other metal appliances in the room.  On the other hand, frameless glass shower doors are made of thicker glass, often tempered glass, which consequently makes it stronger and easier to clean.  However, because of this, frameless glass is more expensive.  Whether with or without frame there are several extra details that can make your glass shower door more unique. These include etching the glass, or seeded with texture.  There is the option of incorporating a pattern to it or simply clear.  In addition, since glass is transparent, you can also make your glass shower doors frosted or opaque to make the visibility less clear to the outside of the shower.  

Depending on the size and structure of your bathroom, you will also have to decide on what type of glass shower door best fits the room, choosing amongst sliding doors, pivot doors or corner doors.  

Where To Find Your Glass Shower Door

Once you have taken all the factors into consideration and begin your search for your glass shower door, trust that Baker Glass will help you find exactly what you are looking for. We will provide you with the best service in El Paso.  With four locations in central, northeast, east, and west side in El Paso, Baker Glass guarantees the best quality materials and an exceptional service.  We will help you decide what type of glass shower door will be most convenient and will add that sleek look to your bathroom.  Call or visit us today at one of our four locations and we will guide you through the whole process.
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