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Ted Graham
Dad, AslanMedia Columnist, social media advocate, middle east observer and writer, hasbara buster and amateur genealogist.
Dad, AslanMedia Columnist, social media advocate, middle east observer and writer, hasbara buster and amateur genealogist.

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My latest piece for Aslan Media looks at the rise of the Tamarod Gaza, a popular resistance movement to the government of Hamas.

"Gaza has long been an island unto itself. Hamas was able to dislodge the PLO and its ruling Fatah faction from the enclave and has ruled the region alone for years. More recently though, the government of Hamas, itself an organization formed as a popular resistance movement has had to deal with very real challenges. For decades, Hamas existed solely to resist, first and foremost to resist Israeli occupation and control, and later to provide an alternative to what it saw as the corrupted and foreign influenced government in Ramallah. Hamas was forced to remold itself into a governing body in Gaza, however, becoming part of the process it had so long rebelled against."

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"The country is currently in the same state of war that it was in 2001 when the US invaded, ostensibly to root out the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies. “The US is losing the war, that much I can tell you,” he went on, “and the marginal advances made in the fields of education and women’s rights have no permanency and will simply vanish if, or when, either the Taliban return to control or the country dissolves into civil war, again.”"

My latest piece for Aslan Media. 

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This is my latest piece for Aslan Media and is sure to drum up some attention…
 By now, you’ve likely seen, or heard about,’s interview of my friend and colleague, Reza Aslan. Reza is a religious scholar and wrote a book (his third!), this time looking at the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth. The book is not meant o be a religious text, nor an attack on Jesus or Christianity, just a survey of the historical facts and circumstances that surrounded this man.

Fox, however, has a problem with the fact that Reza is Muslim. They cannot get over the idea that he has some hidden agenda in writing this book. I try and breakdown their efforts and shine some light on what is a beautiful and fascinating book.

I’d love to hear your reactions to the interview and my response.

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Ramadan under occupation. The unbreakable spirit of the Palestinians.

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"Bahrain, which started its life as a British protectorate, and now orbits in the United States’ military alliance in the Middle East, has become a showpiece of political ignorance in the European Union as well. Bahrain, who exports oil to the world, but at a rate less than a third of its neighbor, Saudi Arabia, and still less than sanction-strung neighbor, Iran, benefits from a far greater factor, its location. The nation floats in the Persian Gulf, allowing it a strategic view of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and Kuwait. It is this location which has recently been its undoing."

My latest piece for Aslan Media.

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New York University’s Jay Rosen has described citizen journalists as “the people formerly known as the audience.” The last few years have seen a marked rise in the audience taking up their own tools of the trade: cameras, mobile phones and the Internet have challenged the idea that only a highly organized and well funded corporation can bring you the news. Nowhere has this been more prevalent than the events of the Arab Spring. From Tunisia to Egypt, Libya to Syria and Bahrain to Yemen, the citizen journalist has kept the world informed of the truth. Regimes may control the TV and the radio, but the online world has belonged to the people.

Enter, the Mosireen.

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My latest piece for Aslan Media, in which I take on Israeli MK Yair Shamir and his recent attempts to capitalize on the Boston Marathon bombing.

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Ok, I'm not big tooting my own horn, but frankly seeing this on Twitter still has me ecstatic...

Interview is here: 

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I had an opportunity last week to speak with author Nihad Sirees about his most recent novel, 'The Silence and the Roar' and the state of modern #Syria . His book, his first in English, is a gorgeous read, and a masterful insight on life in a dictatorship where fear and propaganda control your daily life.

If you don't read the article, you owe it to yourself to buy the book.


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A little post to the old Dad Blog that recounts a recent "special moment" with my younger son...

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