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Maybe it's a bit premature but I might get a T-shirt printed.
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Would be appropriate. And just your color.
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BJC has been invited back to Perth, Scotland! Get ready for another fun filled week of juggling, spinning, hooping, workshops, shows, games and more!

The British Juggling Convention, also known as BJC, is one of the four largest juggling conventions in the world. Attendance can vary, but BJCs have attracted between 700 – 1,000 people in recent years. The event is traditionally held at a different location during the Easter holidays every year and is organised by a new team of volunteers; “run by jugglers for jugglers”.

This years BJC starts at 5pm on Wednesday the 30th of March, and runs through until 10am Monday 4th April 2016.

If you have any questions then take a look at the contacts page to find out who the appropriate person is to talk to, if you are unsure of who the best person to contact is then please email

Hope to see you there!
The 29th British Juggling Convention. BJC has been invited back to Perth, Scotland! Get ready for another fun filled week of juggling, spinning, hooping, workshops, shows, games and more! The British Juggling Convention, also known as BJC, is one of the four largest juggling conventions in the ...
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Bought my ticket in December :)
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Up to six years for not cooking and cleaning enough for her husband.

I don't know about you, but surely they could just knock up a pair of stocks and throw rotten fruit and vedge at her instead.
Italian woman faces six years in prison for 'mistreatment within the family' for not doing enough cooking and cleaning
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The good thing about Google Fit, when it gets something wrong, which is all the time for me, you can edit it to make it look like you've gone further/longer. Can't really think of much else that's good about it...
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You senile old fucker! ;)
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Just been up Holme Moss again. It was really windy, when I got to the top, coming around the last bend, the crosswind blew me off.

At least when I get back to work on Monday I'll be able to tell everyone I got blown off on New Year's Eve ;)
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Yeah, you too Luuta and everyone else for that matter.

Cheeses! I feel rough.
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Nice eighteen miler to kick the day off ;)
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Hello stranger good to see your photo. Missed them.
Morning Wendy 
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#BT #BritishTelecom #Scam #Inept #ScumbagBT

Long rant for what it's worth.

The other week, my internet and phone went down after an engineer had coincidentally been up the pole over the road.

I was paying quite extravagant prices, like 57 quid a month or something. Obviously it wasn't that much originally when I got it, the sports package was free at the time and even though I told 'em I didn't want it, I had to have it 'cos it came with the package, BT Infinity.

Fair enough, not a big deal, the internet was fast, so what if it dropped every so often when it was windy. I could handle it. Of course, the price went up and they started charging me for the sports package even though I didn't use it. I lived with it 'cos it wasn't a bad service.

Never complained, paid my bills on time.

Then it dropped. Off all day. I did the usual stuff but to no avail. No land line either. So I phoned 'em up. Told 'em the engineer had been up the pole earlier. It's probably something they hear all the time so they ignored me. Told me it would be thirty quid if they sent an engineer out and the problem was found to be in my property. Pretty sure it wasn't going to be, but it just annoyed me that after years of paying every month they were wanting to charge me for a visit.

Well that was it. I cancelled. Told 'em I wasn't paying for an engineer to visit, I'd just get another service provider. So I phoned Sky up and ordered it off them.

A day or so later Openreach are waking me from my snooze on the settee saying I'd reported a line fault. Yeah, I had, but I'd specifically told 'em I didn't want an engineer out 'cos I didn't want to pay the thirty quid.

I mean, that's why I cancelled in the first place. Why would I cancel 'cos I wasn't prepared to pay for an engineer and then book an engineer? Durrrrrrr. Sure, I reported the fault, but I didn't order the engineer. I did the opposite of ordering an engineer, I told 'em I didn't want an engineer.

That part seems a bit difficult for them to grasp.

It's already a long story but when I got my Sky router, it still wasn't working. I wasnt surprised, phoned Sky, apparently they use Openreach too, at least that's what they said.

Next day, it's fixed. Don't ask me what they did but they didn't do anything in my house.

+1 to Sky.

Now today, I get my bill off BT, apparently, you've guessed it, they've charged for the engineer.

So I phone 'em up again, from my working Sky line. Ask 'em how they've worked the bill out.

Basically the engineer checked the line, couldn't find a fault, but couldn't get access to my property. Knock, knock, knock. "Thirty quid please."

Fast forward two weeks. This is where the magic happens. Text message off Sky "Sorted". But.... if it was sorted without gaining access to my house, why are BT claiming they needed access and charging me for not getting it.

So there you go, beware of scumbag BT ripping you off at every opportunity.
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Normally here if you tell your provider you are leaving, they offer you something discounted or free. Always the best step when needing help or a break on your bill.
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I've been trying to hit a four minute mile pace for a bit now. I mean, I'd go out come back and I'd be on 12.6 mph avg or something like that. Of course being knackered I wondered if I was anywhere near Roger Bannister's pace. A quick bit of calculation on a calculator informed that a four minute mile was 15mph average speed. Well, duh.

Today was a perfect day, or pretty much. No wind, still daylight, the ground wasn't too muddy for the off road bits and I'd been fueling myself on Yorkshire mixtures all day.

The only thing that let me down was Google Fit's high accuracy mode. I was somewhere in the big purple blob.

Sure, Bannister only did one mile (only!), I did nearly eighteen. But it really brings it home to you about human achievement, I was on a push bike, he was on foot.
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I have juggled on a unicycle Snaily Waily. But it's bloody hard, and you're right, I can't do it now.

Google originally had me down as something like six miles, it's crap is Google fit. I edited it to match up with what my Garmin said. Haha. I should have put 500 miles on. ;)

I'd love a donut but it would only give me heartburn, I've had to make do with steak. ;)
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Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no moo-er Google, I fully understand. Mum's the word ;) 
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My brain automatically synthesises psylocybin ;)
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Oh my god! This song, at the rock pub in town, it would so get me so pumped up for a Saturday night. Absolutely brilliant!

Ride in peace Killmaster!
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So everybody will be Snaily! ;)

I had a mate who wanted this playing at his funeral on the way in and pearl jam alive on the way out :D

He didn't get it though, he got some bizarre kiddy crap that brought back memories for his dad. Shame that, would have been amazing.

Wonder what Lemmy will have.
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I like to think I had something to do with this guy getting in by voting Green ;)

I like his words, his ideals, ethics, morality, whatever.

I'm gonna vote for him. Can't see a reason not to.

However, even if he gets elected as PM, I can't see much changing. Because he's taking on the rich and the powerful. And they won't want to give any of that richness and power up.

Whether on purpose, or just as a reaction, the rich and powerful will reel all their wealth in, and Corbyn and the Labour party will end up looking like it's their fault.


Mirror just in case:
An absolutely brilliant speech by Jeremy Corbyn.

Please watch and share far and wide, so people know what the new Labour leader is all about.
WHY WASN'T THIS SPEECH SHOWN ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA? How can any ordinary person vote Tory after listening to this speech? Bear in mind Corbyn is opposed to
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I like him very much. I'm not sure he'll last but we can hope.
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It's all up in the air!
If advertising works, and it does, or they wouldn't spend billions every year influencing us as to what to buy, then we don't live in a democracy because advertising is used in the same way to influence people into how to vote. Is that not true? Now what?

"Children are all born the same and they play together until someone tells them lies..."


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