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I am a women with a Serve Cerebral Palsy with a speech impairment. I Grew up listening to the 70's and 80'smusic. I wasn't out going and didn't have many friends so I sat in my bedroom listening to all the Classic Rock like Led Zepplin, Doors. Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, just to name a few. Rolling Stones are one of my Favorite groups, I would relate my situation to the each song and It was company for me and Stress Reliever and Man, let me tell you I had a Lot of STRESS!! ! ! I Fantasize about being in the Band, going on the road, I was a restless Spirit back in those days!! !

Now I am Older, I still Rock out on that Good old Rock n Roll especially when there's something Heavy on my mind!! ! ! Alone in my thoughts that no one sees, Most people wouldn't Dare to talk to me, all they see is my shell on the outside but there is So much to me then meet the eye, I'm smart enough to Realize it but I Don't take a chance because I Know I'm So Difficult to Understand.

Classic Rock is the Only thing that helps me get through, that and reading the Daily Bread. By writing this and giving it to someone on the streets who also dig Classic Rock may open some doors for me but I Don't Want it getting into the Wrong Hands either!

We Lost many Great Artists since the Beginning of this year and like anyone else I Mourn for them.
We Forget they are people too and take Granted they're always going to be there but when they Die, we are Devastated . For all the Great Articles who brings Wonderful music in our Lives, I want to Thank You!!
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