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Rolly A. Chabot
Limits exist only in your mind
Limits exist only in your mind
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Well done Cynthia... love what you are doing not only for yourself but the many who will discover you and your talents. 

Most of which you dislike about others is what you hate about yourself.... 

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Welcome  Thank you all for the response and the welcome back, you are amazing. Quigley is wiggling at the thought of each of you stopping in and resting a while in a familiar place. Good to have you gather again and listen to the banter that runs through…

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Those Moments We Miss Welcome as always to the Fireside and I do hope and trust this finds you well and relaxing a lazy Sunday away. Come gather around and let me start these two fingers to work in hopes of reminding us all to take the time. Let me set…

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Streams, Rivers and Waterways  They all team with life not mater if you are beside, upon or under them life is all around. For the outdoors person, sports enthusiast or leisurely hikers there is a little for everyone. Adventurist’s Are Welcome  This…

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What is Tenkara in comparison to modern day Fly Fishing… I think this is the best explanation I have found… Tenkara fly fishing (Japanese: テンカラ, literally: “from heaven”, or “from the skies”) is a traditional type of fishing practiced in Japan that should…

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Please do gather around and get comfy on this chilly wet and blustery day that seems to have crept in overnight. Listening to the forecast we were told it was coming and yet I was hoping not. I was over in a neighbouring town today getting an oil change…

Sadly this small cabin had a fire and was lost. I have so many fond memories of the many days and nights I spent here. It's name was well suited and was called "Eagles Nest."

It sat some 600 feet above the Ghost River with a relatively gruelling vertical climb to reach its sanctuary it offered. All it contained was a small desk, a bed, a glider chair, a two burner stove and a wood stove. There were no amenities, no electricity, an outdoor bathroom. A small fresh water spring was your water supply.You packed the four miles to get to it all that you needed.

The first few times I was there all I did was sleep and read. It was here I spent many an hour writing. Armed with a laptop, a solar charger, a few cans of beans and I was in my glory. The sounds of the fast flowing Ghost River could be heard and offered what the mind, body and soul craved for after working many long hours in the concrete jungle of the city.

Places such as these offer people the opportunity to get refreshed and replenished... it is places such as this that regrow the broken parts we collect along this journey called life. 

Man can find peace where his heart takes him. Looking after ones heart means he will follow where he has that familiar silence deep within. Listen to it speak it is that still quiet voice inside that draws you away from the busyness in life. It is not the call to do more but the call to less and be still.

Once it has been experienced it will resonate deep inside and beg to be sated. Once the clutter has been taken from any room you are able to move forward. The body is the same, downsize what you think is important and bless someone who can use it.

Once the mind, body and soul have been decluttered it is then and only then that you walk in freedom and enjoy a simple fact. "Less is more." Society speaks a different language it begs for us to have the latest and greatest when in fact we have enough. 

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By Request  I have had a question posed to me in regards to attempting to explain what spring is like here in the western Province of Alberta by a dear friend and successful writer Christy in the next Province to the West. Before I answer I would love to…
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