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Mouthful of Miracles
One of the beautiful things about the Five & Two Food Truck Ministry is that it allows us to build relationships with those we serve.  The Patriot House at the Presbyterian Night Shelter is one of our most highly attended events each month.  Our volunteers ...

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Summer Fun
As the mercury rises outside, the Five & Two Food Truck ministry is still having fun bringing the church into the community. Here are some photos of the first two nights of the Summer Camp for Kids that we have been hosting at Thomas Place Community Center....

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Memorial Day and Gratitude
Last week we were priveleged to be a part of a celebration of the men and women who served our country who are currently living in shelters on East Lancaster.  We partnered with other churches in the area and VFW's to provide an amazing cookout for all thes...

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We Are Family
On April 9, the Five & Two Food Truck was invited to be a part of a literacy fair at Fortress Youth Development Center on the east side of Fort Worth.  Jesus asks us to constantly consider the question "Who is your neighbor?"  We love being able to respond ...

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Where Does The Rainbow End?
Just in case you ever wondered where the rainbow ends: *picture taken at the TCU Wesley Foundation What an incredible reminder of God's promises and presence with us always.

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The Power of Food
Have you ever noticed that at family get togethers or parties, the kitchen tends to be where folks bunch up?  Good food and cooking can be magnets, drawing people in and together.   Food has power.  It doesn't have to be gourmet to be good.  Simple food is ...

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New Year
We are already off to an amazing New Year with the Five
& Two Food Truck Ministry!  Before I
get into the New Year, let’s recap the end of last year. The Five & Two Food Truck ended 2015 with an amazing
Christmas party at the Presbyterian Night Shelter.  Al...

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Thanks be to God....
In this week of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve God in such a wonderful and  unique way with the Five & Two Food Truck.  December will be a special month for our ministry as we will help our friends at the Presbyterian Night Shelt...

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Saturday night, children all over the city dressed up in
their costumes, grabbed their bags or pumpkin baskets and went door to door
trick-or-treating.  At least one night
each year, people of all ages actively participate in “neighboring.”  The Five & Two ...

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A Birthday Wish
Try to remember the last time you made a birthday wish before blowing out the candles.  What did you wish for?  A pony?  A new toy?  To be able to fly?  To win the lottery? More than 40 youth and adults from AHUMC volunteered at the Women and Children's Uni...
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