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Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5 Expert Cookbook | Packt Publishing

Provides step-by-step instructions, helping you to learn the various components and technologies of .NET development with Visual Studio 2013

Advanced handling of Photo Capture using PhotoCamera in Windows Phone

Well, as I have already dealt with CameraCaptureTask or PhotoChooserTask before for simple scenarios, it is time to go a little further with

Working with PhotoChooserTask in Windows Phone

Even though we have CameraCapture Task to deal with camera, there is another Chooser available as well, which can take Picture either from M

Working with CameraCaptureTask in Windows Phone

Working with Camera in Windows Phone environment is a common requirement. Almost 25% of the apps in the store uses Camera capture on the app

How to increase Memory usage for an App in Windows Phone

Windows Phone is gradually getting matured day by day. Considering the current situation, the Windows Phone environment gives a restrictive

Opening Settings Screen using Launch URI in Windows Phone

As we saw in the previous post, that you can programmatically change the Lock screen of the Phone from an app which supports extension of Lo

Updating Lock Screen from Windows Phone App

It is sometimes important for an application to change lock screen of the project. The Lock Screen can be set from an app only if the App su

Different ways of getting Path

It is a very common requirement to get the path of a file relative to the path of the current location which accesses the path. In .NET ther

Working with Zip Files in .NET

Zipping and Unzipping in a Client Application or a Website is very common requirement. Until the latest .NET version, there is no API that f

Setting Default Global Timeout for Regular expressions

In my previous post, I mentioned about the capability of specifying a Timeout while executing a Regular expression. Sometimes, when your app

Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook | Packt Publ...

Abhishek Sur is a Microsoft MVP in Client App Dev since 2011. He is an architect in the .NET platform. He has profound theoretical insight a

How to implement Event Accessors and Single Handler Events

Event accessor is not new concept. It has been part of C# language from its inception. If you have ever built a class which has an Event wit

Conditional Compilation with Precompiler Directives in C#

Coming from C or C++, C# has always the flexibility to handle directives. The directives are well known in those languages, but most of the

Fav 3 : Three Favorite .NET Tips and Tricks from Daily .NET Tips - Series 6

Here is the sixth post of the Fav 3 series that we are continuing. Today’s favorite tips are based on Managed Extensibility Framework or MEF

Sending raw JSON request to from JQuery

JSON or Javascript Object Notation has been quite popular these days because of being it is only a Key/Value pair, but also can significantl

Working with XML comments in Visual Studio

Visual Studio XML Comments has been a part for quite a while. There are a number of xml tags that are supported which could help in document

A better switch with Lambdas in .NET, Part 4 (Working with Types)

When dealing with the new Switch case constructs, I always wanted to add more to it. After adding things to it like, replacing the previous

CorruptedStateExceptions in .NET, a way to handle

It is already a well known fact that while running the MSIL , the CLR (runtime) can generate an Exception object automatically because of so

Refreshing browser from Application written in C#

Well, after looking at the feature in Visual Studio 2013 well introduced by my buddy Abhijit, I was thinking to do the similar thing from ap

A better switch with Lambdas in .NET, Part 1

I don't know which programming language you belong to, or which is the best language you have been working on... but one of the best syntax