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We publish the free Motion Mountain Physics Textbook.
We publish the free Motion Mountain Physics Textbook.


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The latest presentation of the tangle model of elementary particles is online at

The model reproduces U(1), broken SU)2, SU(3), all elementary particles, all Feynman diagrams of the standard model, the Dirac equation, the standard model Lagrangian, and Einstein's field equations. In addition, the model excludes all alternatives to these theories. The model agrees with all experiments and makes many unusual predictions.

Fun to read if you want to enjoy all of physics.
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The free Spanish translation of the volume on relativity and cosmology is now complete. It now contains general relativity, black holes, and gravitational waves - all free, like the English original.

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A preprint is now available at :

A Conjecture: Deducing General Relativity, the Standard Model and its Fundamental Constants from Rational Tangles of Strands


It seems possible to deduce black holes, general relativity and the standard
model of elementary particles from one-dimensional strands that fluctuate at
the Planck scale. This appears to be possible as long as only switches of
skew strand crossings are observable, but not the strands themselves. Woven fluctuating strands behave like horizons and appear to imply black hole entropy, the field equations of general relativity and cosmological
observations. Tangled fluctuating strands in flat space appear to imply
Dirac's equation. The possible families of unknotted rational tangles appear
to reproduce the spectrum of elementary particles. Fluctuating rational
tangles also appear to produce the gauge groups U(1), broken SU(2), and SU(3), as well as all Feynman diagrams of the standard model, and to exclude any unknown elementary particle, gauge group and Feynman diagram. Predictions for experiments arise. Calculating the fundamental constants of the standard model is possible and allows testing the conjecture. As an example, a crude ab initio estimate of the fine structure constant is deduced.

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The 16 readable slides on the tangle model have been updated:

The model reproduces QED and QCD in all its details - Lagrangian, Feynman diagrams, running of couplings - with the help of a Planck-scale mechanism.

The model also reproduces general relativity and black hole thermodynamics.

no GUT,
no supersymmetry,
no new particles,
massive neutrinos,
calculable standard model parameters.
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A concise summary of a hypothesis on the unification of physics, in 16 slides, is available at the top of .

With a rather simple fundamental principle, it seems possible to deduce general relativity, quantum mechanics and the three gauge groups U(1), SU(2) and SU(3). Also the elementary particle spectrum seems to appear.

Calculation of the parameters of the standard model, namely masses, mixings and coupling constants, could be in reach.
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Be amazed by motion in nature! The 2018 edition of the free Motion Mountain physics book can now be downloaded at .

5 free pdf volumes let you explore the motion of plants, animals, lightning, planets, light, particles and empty space itself! Be fascinated by molecular motors, black holes, the beauty of nature and of the concepts of physics, from the principle of cosmic laziness – least action – to gauge symmetry, the symmetry of charges and quarks!

The volumes of the 2018 edition now also tell how to rotate a ball glued into a soft mattress for ever and ever - and challenges you to be the first to film this feat; they show how to create floating images with a simple toy, explain that usual light bulbs produce speeds faster than light when switched on, tell about why it is correct to say that the sun has already set when we see it just touching the horizon in the evening, challenge you to build a high-precision ball-chain or `Netwon's cradle', show that a formula for pi is hidden in the hydrogen spectrum, provide more fun with quantum physics and colours, tell about noise-producing plants, ask about the Spanish burton and the fool's tackle, present the measurement unit for the spiciness of chili peppers, and present many other stunning images, facts and stories about motion of things, animals, light, stars, shadows, black holes and quantum particles. Enjoy!
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The free volume "The Quantum of Change" is an introduction into quantum physics. The free pdf file contains many pictures and photographs. Written for beginners, it presents the world of quantum effects in a way that is surprising and challenging on every page. This 4th volume about the Adventure of Physics can be read and downloaded at

The volume is now available in Vietnamese, translated by Cao Sĩ Sơn, on the page The title of the translation: Lượng tử biến đổi.
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A steel ball glued into a soft mattress can rotate forever.

See the fascinating videos that prove this on

including this one:
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Jumping Spiders have telescopic eyes with two lenses (like a real telescope) that they can move withing the head, as told in the volume on optics of the free Motion Mountain Physics Textbook:
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