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Peter Smalley
Scientist, author, seeker.
Scientist, author, seeker.

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It's 2016. You should be reading.

+Lisa Cohen is a seriously good writer, and Future Tense promises to be some of her best work yet. Did I mention it's free for the next two days? Download this like it's hot - because it is!

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Last 2 days to get FUTURE TENSE for free on the 'zon. The promotion will end Jan 5th, midnight eastern.

Matt will do whatever it takes to avoid the violence of his visions.

I wrote this book because the only stories I was seeing with a foster kid protagonist and an urban neighborhood with a diverse population were 'message' fiction - something you might see on an ABC afterschool special.

Which is totally not the kind of story I enjoy reading or writing.

I wanted to explore that setting within the context of speculative fiction and my hero is a kid living a disadvantaged life in inner city foster care.

I also wanted to challenge assumptions of foster parents as cardboard villains or abusers.

As I do with all my stories, I got to do a lot of research for this one. I had several intense conversations with a social worker in the foster care system here in MA. She was extremely helpful. I also got to learn - at least at a rudimentary level - how to read tarot cards.

And that's not something you put together every day: foster care and tarot cards.

So, take a chance while it's free. I can promise you a few hours entertainment.


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This is how we do it.

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That is why you fail.

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My Neighbor (Christmas) Tree-toro.

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My name's Tracer Bullett. The sign on my door says I'm a PI. My friends say I'm something else again. The Scotch in my hip flask packs a punch, and I pack a .38 Special. Them's the breaks, sweetheart.

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Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate the Festival of Lights(abers)!

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Another new author to introduce tonight - I'm really digging this cover!

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"Raymond Chandler meets Robert Heinlein in this fun and inventive crossover SF novel from Richard Levesque."J. Orr, Amazon Reviews

Eddie Royce is an up-and-coming science fiction writer with a terrible secret: he cheats.

He knew he'd get caught, of course. Eventually. But not like this. When disaster finally strikes, it strikes big, and Eddie is confronted by the worst person imaginable: his idol, the SF master, Chester Blackwood.

To Eddie's great surprise, however, Blackwood has secrets of his own, and instead of outing him, the master story-teller quickly embroils Eddie in a real-life mystery of time travel, beautiful women, and Hollywood gangsters. But then Blackwood disappears, so if Eddie wants to keep both the fame and the girl, he's going to have to do the one thing he's never been able to get right before: plot his way out of a crisis.

And the stakes if he fails? The very future of science fiction itself.

"The pace of the story is quick, and the time transitions are handled well. Overall, this is a good novel, one that even readers with little interest in sci-fi might enjoy." Publishers Weekly.

"Hardboiled 30′s crime thriller meets time-traveling pulp science-fiction for an original fast paced, page turner." S. Sager, Amazon Reviews

"It has a distinctly 'noir' flavor as well as an old school science fiction feel. It is fast paced and clever." C. Pellitteri, Amazon Reviews

"Apart from stopping to have something to eat I haven't been able to tear myself away from this until I had finished it. This is good old time story telling that is well written, and definitely well worth reading." M. Bowden, Amazon UK Hall of Fame Reviewer

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I'll be sharing several interesting reads - for those following, take a look at author Anne Sweazy Kulju's work for something fresh and unexpected!

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Now appearing in the PNWA Holiday Catalogue - "BODIE" Winner 2014 WILLA Literary Awards, Silver Medal

"I often will have a hard time reading a book that covers two entirely different times but Sweazy-Kulju is a master storyteller with the ability to just transport you from time and place without you feeling the transition. I loved this book like I haven't loved a book in a long time. I immediately became immersed in the story and loved so much the premise of sisters having the same exact recurring dream.

"This thriller doesn't ask anything of you, not to believe anything unbelievable, not to accept anything that you wouldn't normally. It's just a great story about sisterly family bonds, and the strong ties that every single of of us as humans has to the past. You won't be sorry you read this one. Looking forward to more from this author."
5.0 out of 5 stars. [ByJay Mittener TOP 1000 REVIEWER]

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You. Yes you.

If you want to know what's going on in the world, theSkimm presents the latest with humor and wry wit. One email every morning and you'll be the cool informed guy/gal at the office holiday party. Give it a try, I've really enjoyed it.

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