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Game 7 - The Battle of Tabrim - After Action Report

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Game 7 - The Battle of Tabrim
An Historical Action Tabrim Oil Survey Team - Security Team/Vampyri Skirmish 8th July 1972 - The Village of Tabrim - South East of the Capital Kivski, on the banks of the Dnieperov River. - Increase in the number of oil surveys around the Central
Ukrovian a...

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Game 11 - After Action Report - Did You Remember To Close The Back Door, Comrade?

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Game 11 - Did You Remember To Close The Back Door Comrade?
Eastern Forces Background (Ian & Andy) You have been sent to secure an ultra high priority cargo before interception by Western Spec Ops. Possible NBC threat so vehicles remain buttoned up and troops should be in full NBC - Secure area (all troops and vehic...

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Red Hawk Down
After Action Report To Follow.... Protagonists Western Ukrovia (Defence Force) - Ian Eastern Ukrovian (Vampyri Rebels) Result A full report will follow, but the result was a very minor victory (2 points) to the Eastern Ukrovians, mainly by way of inflicting...

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20mm Forces
Last night the lads and I decided to bring most of our 20mm vehicles to our club to see roughly what we had available for a large (ok VERY large) 20mm game. A few pics were taken (but this excludes quite a few vehicles) I will add my stuff to a spreadsheet ...

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Game 09 - Supply & Demand
Somewhere on a quiet Ukrovian expressway, Eastern supply trucks carrying unidentified special weapons are heading to the border to aid the imminent push on Western forces. Suddently hidden UX Special Forces, detonate explosives, halting the lead vehicle. Th...

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Game 04 - You Can Run...
A Continuaton of Game 3 Western UX Spec
Ops, after hitting an Eastern command base attempt to escape, but are persued by a very large local militia persuit force,
who eventually catch up to them. However the UX troops quickly set up a deadly
permited def...

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Game 03 - Halt, Who Goes There?
Western UX Spec Ops, recovering from their attack on the Missile Launchers move deeper into enemy territory to attack
an Eastern Forward Command Post, reported to be commanded by several high ranking officers utilising advanced satellite communication syst...

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Welcome To Hell
USR Tank Platoon - SteveW & Tom UA Forces - Paul Outcome - Paul wins a clear victory Conclusion - Odds are clearly in the UA's favour in this game, but hands up to Tom and Steve for seeing it through to the bitter end - Revenge will be sweet. Battle Report ...
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