Hey everyone!

We're back in the new year with a feature we know you'll love, but we really need your help testing it out! We call this feature "Clean Up Space". When you upload 1GB worth of photos to OneDrive, we'll automatically offer to remove the local copies of the photos on your device to free up some space on your phone for things like Apps and Music. Your photos will be safe and sound in the cloud where you'll always be able to access them through OneDrive! See below for some steps for how to use this feature and please leave us comments and feedback below. Please keep in mind this is still in beta, you might want to create a backup before using this feature!

1. Prepare at least 1GB of photos/videos to upload on your device (either by already having them on the device or by taking a bunch of new ones)
2. Sign into OneDrive and enable auto upload. The App will automatically begin to look for the photos on your device and back them up to the cloud.
3. A notification should appear on your device offering to "Clean up space" on your device. Tap "Yes" under the notification to free up the space on your device, otherwise tap either "No" or "Never".
4. Sit back and relax, you now have more space on your phone for the things you need and your memories are safely backed up to OneDrive!
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