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Login to temporarily redirects through Really? Well, I just saw it happen. But it's surprising.

Really, Google? The G+ notifications indicator needs to bounce? Maybe shouldn't it blink, or turn 3D and zoom out of the screen into my face?

‎"LiveJournal is planning to start deleting inactive empty accounts. Pursuant to our housekeeping policy, your LiveJournal account is scheduled to be deleted in 15 days." — in a message I got recently, which also says "© 1999 LiveJournal".

Ha, now that's some telling irony. They haven't updated their copyright message since the 90s, they only just now noticed my account has been inactive about that long... maybe with some further digging they'll notice that it's actually not still 1999!

Trying to dial into a conference call from home, and don't want to use my cell phone; would prefer to use computer. Tried Skype and it works awful. Tried Google Chat (which, confusingly and unlike Google Voice, can call from computers to phone numbers), and it works great.

Huh, Google Voice transcripts are editable in the web UI now? I wonder if they automatically learn from edits if you choose to donate the voicemail to their learning project?

The G+ iPhone app seems to deauthenticate the session after a week or so, but it still gets push notifications. So the app will notify me of some new post, I launch it, and have to sign in to see it. Is this normal? Seems weird.

So, Comcast cable internet has a new failure mode for me. It's done this twice in the last week: connection is still up, enough packets get through to kind of use websites, in fact all the downstream packets get through so for some uses it's almost fine, but there's massive packet loss on the upstream path, and worse for larger packets.

So if I ping an external host, with the default 64 byte packet size, I see something like 3% packet loss (and by running another ping in the other direction and sniffing traffic at both ends, it's obvious the traffic loss is only upstream from my house: if a ping gets out from my house, it always gets a response, and any drops are because the ping request never gets to the remote server; in the other direction, I see pings that leave the remote server, hit my house, this end claims a response was sent and the other end never sees it).

If I use "ping -s 1400" to generate larger packets, I see something more like:

123 packets transmitted, 65 packets received, 47.2% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 15.701/179.111/3119.093/575.770 ms

Comcast's speed test (which tries to measure ping rtt, then downstream speed of some large file, then upstream speed of some garbage data) often stalls completely, but if it gives me a downstream result at all, it'll be just fine -- say 32mbps. Then the upstream test usually gets too confused to yield a result.

Annoying: Chrome 17 is treating "http" as the omnibox search shortcut for So if I type a search query starting with http into the omnibox -- for example, I just wanted to search for "http basic authentication" -- as I type h,t,t,p it suggests, and when I press space, it takes that as a confirmation and the omnibox changes to "search for:", which is not where I want to find information on basic authentication.

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Nice to see Google supporting this effort with a homepage doodle.

The fact that every Google Docs document now has two "share" buttons (up at the top in the googlebar which means "Share URL via Google Plus", and lower down in the content area, blue with a padlock, meaning "actually share access to this document the normal Google Docs way") has a large potential for confusing people.
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