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james morrison

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Pol, what a masterpiece! The music was perfect, Thanks!

james morrison

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My son Dylan today, double back flipping a scooter. Unreal. #2 in the world skills.

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awesome ...
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james morrison

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mah boy doing good.
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well +james morrison I'm sure it was AWESOME!!!!  whatever it was 8-)
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james morrison

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You're amazing! The whole world is in front of you and watching for what's next. So proud of you. Go Rod... 

james morrison

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james morrison

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And the new King of Germany is Australian! Congrats Dylan Morrison!
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james morrison

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Earlier this week i got a link from an old Navy buddy that I've re-connected with after 45+ years. We spent some quality time in Vietnam together, he was from Brooklyn and luckily he wasn't into baseball and we became close mates. Together we probably had the best music collection in the service. Here's the link to a great jukebox! Just randomly, I lost about an hour or so reliving being 15 years old (1962 if you do the math). I laughed, I cried, I danced around my office like no one was looking, well, except Marley. So many memories...

A couple of hours ago we dropped our 15 year old at the airport for a 4 hour flight to Perth (an 'American coast to coast' equivalent trip he's doing by himself), where he'll be competing on Sunday with a host of other professional scooter riders for a $1000 first prize and auto entry into the Worlds in August. We have every confidence in the world that he can win. As anxious parents would do, on the way to the airport we're asking him questions about what he knows about the skatepark ('like I've been to Perth before?') or his strategy ('look, I don't care about the park, I just show up and go'). He's been invited to join Nitro Circus (his lifelong idol Travis Pastrana's gig) and since he announced this on FB yesterday, there have been over 600 comments posted. 

I'm blown away with how different life is now compared to then (We got the 'could you leave me at the security check? plea and were out of the airport in record time.)  I can't even imagine getting on an airplane at 15, never mind alone...

We got back to the house after a wonderful dinner and a fine McLaren Vale Cab Sauv at The Pier in Port Mebourne and just as we pulled up to the house, the Dropkick Murphys came on the radio. If you could have seen the two of us, (67 and soon to be 60) rocking and screaming the lyrics to 'Going Out in Style', you'd be laughing like we are now... 
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james morrison

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oh is this ever spot on.
News organisations used to advertise their services on media other than their own in the following basic way: you need to know what's going on, but you're too busy to do the spadework yourself. We here at [insert news outlet name] employ hundreds of journalists to find out and report back to you ...
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james morrison

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great edit, great music! Some seriously talented lads there...

james morrison

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Not just confined to IT either... 
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james morrison

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Swedish SC judge to give a public speech about the case? WTF?
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