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I'm pretty awesome. At least that's what people tell me.
I'm pretty awesome. At least that's what people tell me.

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Spotify just keeps the goods coming. Listened to some great albums thus far: new Arctic Monkeys, Foster the People, new album from Taking Back Sunday, The Head and The Heart, Tame Impala, the list keeps growing...

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Foster The People's newest album is what MGMT's "Congratulations" SHOULD HAVE sounded like...

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Finally, a beerfest that's happening just 5 miles from my home. Who's checking out the Suwanee Beerfest this weekend?!

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Spotify keeps getting better and better with each listen. My relationship with Grooveshark is starting to feel like the opening scene of Cliffhanger....and yes, I DID just reference a Stallone flick.

I'm jammin' to some 90s songs on #Grooveshark right now. Anybody got some suggestions to add to my playlist??

One of the most boring days in sports during the entire year...the day before MLB returns. There's lockouts abound and all we have as sports fans is to continue to live off the high of the USA win one more day...

That's it. I'm no longer "following" Tom Anderson. Does this guy have absolutely anything worthwhile to say since he sold MySpace?!

My car battery's been dead all week. Nothing like having to push it out of your one-car driveway so you can jump it to get to Advanced Auto Parts on a Saturday afternoon....#smh.

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